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  1. So I just started getting into cloning, and am having some issues all of the sudden after a good first go around. That first time I had 12 clones, 10 of them made it but 6 were from males come to find out arghhh.
    So now I have a steady rotation of mothers, most still fairly young in regards to cloning (like month-month and a half old) but still have sites that are plenty big for the job.

    Anyway, since that first run I have been having the same issue it seems. The stem collapsing right where the top of the soil is, and nute burn indications to what little leaves left.

    Basically I put cuttings in a very light starting soil, put them in cloning tub, and mist with water mixed with small amount of B2 few times a day. Again, I did this EXACT same thing first time around and got great results.

    Ambiant light comes from a T5 that is 3 ft away from top of dome. Actually I lessened the light, as last time I had 2 13w cfl within 12 inches of top first go around. No environmental changes.

    Anyway here are pics. I am puzzled as to what I am doing wrong or what is happening now.

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  2. looks like stem rot :confused_2:
    i'm not experienced hardly with clones, but ensure you are leaving enough stem to splice and allow roots to grow.
    make sure you have a stable root system before drowning in that heavy soil
  3. You might try spraying the dome instead of the plants. From what I understand, the point is to have high humidity to prevent water loss via stomata, not to have wet cuttings. Keep the medium moist, but not too wet.

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    Do you have any fungus gnats flying around? I've seen them take down small seedlings and clones. If you tear open the beginning of the root system in the top inch or so and check for small worm like things in it. I mean small too. Smaller than an ant and they're kind of clear so hard to spot sometimes. If I'm checking for them, I'll stare closely for movement. Easiest way on my opinion to spot them. You can also disrupt the soil around the base and look for some in the soil but less likely to find them. Before you throw out any that rot at the base, check for those pests. Better to check before you toss them and find out what's going on.
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    Ok so stem rot...maybe too much moisture...this could explain why when I went less light they got worse. Gonna try to go back to the cfl's closer and see what happens. That really is only difference.

    No bugs or gnats around BTW. I know what those little bastards look like no sign of them.

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  6. You can keep that light pretty much on the dome if you want, did you clean your dome and planter lately? You should, look for mold. Rooting hormone can make roots faster therefore preventing chances of mold or rot.

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  7. Your over watering your clones. #1 mistake made by nearly everyone. Buy a greenhouse for seedings from a garden supply shop, $10. They have adjustable vents at the top. Fill each tray with vermiculite or perlite. Wet through, but do not saturate, with plain tap water or a weak solution of "rhizotonic" (available online or from any hydroponic shop). Take cuttings as normal, lower you light to about an inch or two off the top of the greenhouse, open vents up top. Now only spray the leaves with a fine mist of rhizotonic solution once a day (or plain water, ph at 6). Once maybe twice a week gently squirt near but not on stem. I do this method and 5-7 days I have roots. I clone under a normal house hold fluorescent tube 2x36 w. The greenhouse creates it's on moisture, therefore watering is not really required once the growing medium has been watered.

    You have been giving them too much love, and have cause root/stem rot. See how the leaves are throwing a pansy sign? They are holding way too much moisture content.

    Try this method and you won't look back, also place your green houses inside styrofoam boxes, you can get these at your local fruit n veg for free. Good luck!

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  8. Thank you so much guys, gonna back off on the water too, clean the tub out real good. I have been rotating cuttings in and out for past few weeks and havent cleaned it. I'll post pics later to show what I am using see if I can improve it any.

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