Cloning issue.

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  1. Hi guys, I've tried out cloning yesterday and today and heck my clones are wilting. I've followed every step of the cloning method and it still wilts...

    The fresher one is the one cut off from mother plant today. The rest are from yesterday. uploadfromtaptalk1415514840665.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1415514847917.jpg
  2. The ones from yesterday look awful! Wow, really terrible.
    Try using something to make a humidity tent.  A glass bowl, a large plastic drinks bottle, a large jar.  Idealy it would have some ventilation, but as long as you let it air our for a few minutes once or twice a day, almost anything will do for a day or two.
  3. are you using cloning gels? a humidity dome? explain your cloning method better and maybe we can help

    I want to die peacefully in my sleep like my grandfather,not screaming in terror like his passengers
  4. It's nearly impossible to find cloning gels here in my country. But I used rooting powder.
    also the plant is in a propagator dome.
    I followed the method on but I substituted the cloning gel with rooting powder.

    Above the dome, I have a 24w 6500k light bulb.
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    Make a cloner bucket and use just tap water.
    I proved a point to a guy on here once, he took a clone let it set overnight on the table, he put in the cloner bucket, and in 10 days roots.

    Google "diy cloner bucket".
    There is also a step by step in the diy section of the forum here.
  6. Sweet! I will look into it! One more thing, I realize that after I take my cuttings, the plant seem to wilt off fast. Is there anyway to slow the wilting?
    Those are fantastic! Gonna try out all the ideas given!
  7. Awesome. Showed that to a guy on another site with a diy bubble cloner. His results were so good he actually asked a mod to close his thread LOL

    Said he liked the two cups better XD

    Hope it works well for you buddy :)
  8. This is how it looks like now. :(
    Can you share with me any cloning tutorial that works best? Mine starts to droop real fast after cutting.

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  9. I shared with you my links in my first post,
    Ive never had success most other ways.

    I dont even use cloning gels, just plain water.

    Two cups, follow the links :)
  10. Okay!!!!!!!
  11. Yes, mist them with water every few hours or use a humidity dome.
    or make a cloner bucket take clones add water to the bucket plug the bucket in and wait 10 days. Done

    with the cloner bucket all you need is the bucket and water, you need no cloning gel, no cloning solutions, no B vitamins, nothing like that at and all you need is tap water. the cloner bucket also works on any other variety of plant which can be cloned.
  12. Sweet info! Knowledge +10 from you guys!
  13. Rhasta bro, I can't find the links in your post for cloning methods. :(
    as in where to cut and all.
  14. I'm so bumped out that I have no buds to send me to la la la land that I'm up red with alcohol. HAHAHAHA! Man, tomorrow I'm gonna get working on da two cups a lups rooting da grass that god created.
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    Me? Theyre direct links mate, will take you directly to the post.

    Heres what i do, cut stem, stick in root plug/jiffy pellet.
    Take two cups, invert top cup (upside down) put holes in it for plant to breath. Spray inside of cups with mister, place plant inside, tape two cups together with scotch tape,

    Thats it. 5-10 days tons of roots.

    I quit doin the water cloners due to water mold. You can reuse these cups forever, just wash them before each use.

    Lots of people say to clean scissors, sharp blade, angles, all that shit. I never do it. I just do what ive said.
  16. Hey brother ill make a video in a day or two that shows how to clone, just send me a pm as a reminder okay?
  17. You're da best! I LOVE YOU!!! <3
  18. Do you need lights for warmth for it?
  19. Thank you :love:

    Can never have enough love :) back atcha! :)

    I stick mine off to the side under side light and never mess with them for a couple days, maybe open the top cup for ten minutes 4 days in, then put it back on and leave it. Best part is you can see roots right theough the clear plastic :)

    After 5-10 days youll see roots, one way or another :)

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