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  1. So I have some quality ladies that I want to clone but, as of Friday it’s been 5 weeks since I switched to 12/12. Too late to take clones? Will it hurt my plants if I clone or trim them right now? Also, What do I do with the buds they are growing? Leave them on clones or clip them? I really don’t want to screw up my crop. Although, trimming some lower branches might help in the long run. Idk. Here are some pics.

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  2. You can take clones. It's called super cropping or monster cropping.
    The buds will turn into limbs and make a shrub.
    It's hard to clone em' that far, so take a bunch cause you may lose a few.
    Use RO water and PH to 5.9, a very little food, like 75 PPM's and light on 20/4.
    Will take 2 weeks to see any roots probably.
  3. Cool. Thanks for the info! Can I just clip the buds off? Kind of want to get the first taste of my plants lol.
  4. You think it would be okay just to use coco coir and some perlite for now? Once they root I could put them in my super soil
  5. One last thing lol. Will it hurt the mothers at all? I’ve been told to stop trimming and pruning after about two weeks in flower.
  6. Wait a minute...... Super cropping is pinching the stem during flower for bigger buds.

    Cloning during flower will result in some weird ass clones. They produce small popcorn buds.
  7. 20190609_160011.jpg
    Does these look like popcorn buds at day 39 from the 12/12 flip?
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  8. Stop topping before entering flower mode. You can still prune to allow light to penetrate the canopy so the smaller limbs will get big. And a month or so in, cut off all the little crap that won't produce but takes some plant growth to them.
    Also don't go wild cutting the big sucker, they are solar panels for the plants.
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  9. Nice!! Does it stress the donor plant out much? I really don’t want to mess anything by taking some clones at this stage. But I really want some clones lol.
  10. I take the clones from limbs that won't produce anything anyways.
    It's limbs I cut off and just throw away
  11. Great info! I think I’ll take some of these smaller branches that are below my canopy and use them.
  12. I think I’ll clip these branches for clones (see below) the colas look tasty though haha. You think they’ll still reveg okay if I harvest the colas off the branches but leave the popcorn buds lower down ?

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  13. No not the colas, the little shit limbs at the bottom that will never amount to anything.
    Take em' about 5 inches long and a healthy looking stem and leaves. Not the yellow ones, they are real hard to clone
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  14. Okay. Thanks! I may have pruned all those off but I’ll check after my lights kick back on. Pretty much all my branches have buds and colas forming. Did a lot of trimming and fimming during veg.
  15. Those will be hard to clone, but they will get roots and revert back to veg. It just takes a while longer than normal.
    All those little white hairs will turn into limbs and just be a bush.
  16. Mainly I want to do it for seeds. I plan on trying colloidal silver to get some feminizes seeds. I also have a male I want to cross with one of them.
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