cloning in a very small space?

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  1. I just put my plants into flowering yesterday. I have taken one clone just to see if i could get it to root. I have two bubble buckets set up in a box. My fear is that the clones are going to get too big before my plant is done flowering in 6-8 weeks. This is my first grow so i don't know anything about my plant. is there any way to keep clones from getting too big? or will they be fine in this space for about 6 weeks if i take clones 2 weeks from now?


  2. has the clone rooted yet?

    if so....

    in my opinion....

    The best way to take care of your problem is to root that plant and either pinch the top and bush it out or LST it and pull growth down....

    If you have room for it, you can use RUBBERMATE TOTES, 34 gal are a good cloning room size...

    in the past I have used the following for limited space ..

    1 rubbermate for cloning
    1 rubbermate to keep a mother
    3 x 60w compact fluorescent lights in each tote

    hope that helps... :wave:
  3. this one has rooted. I took him about 3 weeks ago just set him in some rockwool then put the rockwool in a solo cup filled with with water so the rockwool was soaked. I was shocked he rooted. Im more worried that my future clones will grow rapidly in this set up. I thought about using rubbermaids bins but i dont have the room.
  4. Plant in a 5 gallon pot in potting soil...Top when needed and use a cfl for light. This should slow down growth over the hydro. The plant will be easier to move around if need be. You can make the plant the mother for future clones. If the plant get out of control just take another clone and start over.
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    You could maintain a clone in a dixie cup with a 6 watt fluorescent for months (could probably maintain a handful of them that size). As long as it is growing very slightly and as long as you don't let it get bone dry for too long it will survive.

    After a few months in the dixie cup you could get a handful of clones off of it too. This technique is handy for keeping a library of genetics on the back burner.

    Of course you probably don't want to stay that small but the point being you can control the size any way you want too and try to match the timing with your flower area.

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