Cloning - I think I'm doing it wrong

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  1. Ok. Don't know why but I can't seem to cut clones.


    Cutting clones at an angle with a scalpel. Then swirling then around in rootech cloning gel. Then sticking them in rapid rooter plugs. I then spray them with a little bit of water, put my humitity dome on, place the trey on the heat mat and place them under t5 florescence.

    This is my second attempt. Both failures. Any idea what could be going wrong?

    These clones are 22hrs old.

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  2. I do it pretty much the same way you're doing it, with a few other's a how to I posted a while back, maybe it will help you out.
    EDIT: I now use DynaGrow K-L-N instead of SuperThrive.
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    Looks like they are not staying moist enough. Are you keeping them wet? How about temps inside that dome? Could it be to hot for them? Plugs are nice and wet before you put the cutting in?

    I also make sure my final cut is made while the plants stem is submerged in clean spring water using a good sharp sterile razor.
  4. I'll give that a try. ty

    As for the heat, I doubt it's an issue. Doesn't feel too hot here. Plugs are wet, but not saturated.
  5. thx man. I appreciate the response. I'll give some of that a try too on the next round.

    Pissed that I waisted 100 cuts already :(
  6. Turns out I was just being a supreme dumbass and forgot to put water in the bottom trey. They've perked right up. Sorry for the time waisting everyone, thx for the responses.

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