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  1. if a female plant hermies during flowering, does this mean that its clones will be hermies or will they be females.

    It seems that all females have this genetic disposition to grow male parts if they are stressed, so the genetics are not changed.

    But i could be wrong and the genetics could be changed due to this process, anyone have an idea on this?

    Also, are the seeds feminized, or how does that work?
  2. Feminized seeds are produced by having a female plant with male flowers pollinate itself. I think your chances of getting a hermie also increase if you use feminized seeds.
  3. they way to get femmed seeds is by having a hermie pollinate a true female. now the clone would probly go hermie also.
  4. just a newb Q? Im not sure if this will work but??
    why can't you just give your female/hermi a circumcision before the pollen sacks open?? will this stress out the plant more??

  5. i did it..still ended up with some immature seeds.
  6. yup you can and i have cloned a hermie going on a year and thaught that mayby the clones werent hermies but sure enough a timer fail or door left cracked open and whithen 2 days and always on the bottom half in the croches of the buds. you will be able to identify any pollinated buds by a sudden change from white hairs to dark brown hairs so simply pluck and dry em so no energy is wasted on seeds and u will have some killer green. every now and than i may get a seed or two. also growing single stalk makes daily inspection alot easier. i also would imagine that it swould depent on the ammount of pollen sacks you get , see ive never noticed a cluster only singles and only if ive got a light leak. in my case i thaught i scored with some bag seed with all females i sprouted that i got out of a qp they all hermied so i cloned the one which was the least extreme and ganga knocks u out. also dutch masters has a spray called reverse i just purchaced so i will keep u updated with the results.

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