cloning. help quick!

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  1. to start, i killed my plant yesterday because it was a male. and today i step out of the shower to find a new fucking plant in my closet. haha sweet! its 15 inches, and has bud sites all over it. apparently my buddy needs me to hold on to it for a few days because he's moving.

    well i found a snapped branch, and it has a bud site on it so i dont dare let it go to waste. whats the best way to clone this thing? cut it clean and rinse it immediately, then stick it in soil or what?

    any help asap would be awsome!

    edit: wow. things ahve changed. turns out he gave the plant to me, and the snapped branch has since wilted badly.
  2. so the plant is budding...correct?
  3. If you don't have rooting hormone your best bet is to try cloning it in water. Take a clean cut at about a 45 degree angle near a node where a leaf or twig is growing. Pinch off one or two leaves at their nodes, leaving one or two sets of leaves (not counting fan-leaves) that the cutting will live off while it makes new roots. Fill up your keg cup with water that has been standing overnight to dissipate the chlorine. (I have heard of some stuff called "Willow Water" that you could search for. It sounds like good stuff but you could probably get by with plain ol' H2O. Cover the Solo cup with tin foil and stick the end of the stem with the pinched of leaves into the water. Place on a sunny window ledge or in open shade out doors or under some gentle light in your grow room. After a week or two peek under the foil and hopefully you'll see roots. To plant that into a pot, prepare your soil and make a hole large enough to allow the roots to spread out then fill in around the rooted end and firm down. Water in thoroughly and watch her grow. Some herbs don't like to take root when they're flowering, so you might not have success, but hey, ya gotta try.


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