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  1. i took clones a week ago, didnt do a real good job, only covered the bottom cm with rooting hormone, then stuck them in soil, i have a humidity dome and a 65w flouro on them at the moment, they started getting yellow on the outside of the leaves, thier not wilting at the moment. THier in just regular soil no nutes. I haven't had to water as the humidity has been high. Im 1 week into flower at the moment, and 1 week on the clones, now my question is should i be more patient and let them take some time to root?? Or could i pull them out right now recut them and dip them in rooting hormone then stick them in the wick cloner im building. Or should i be more patient.

    Would it do any damage if i switched them in the middle, at the moment they have not rooted i checked my male clones, or should i not bother throw them out and start fresh in the wick cloner??
  2. I've only take clones once, and from I'll let you know what I did. I had no rooting hormone. I only used a humidity dome with some high humidity. I took two clones and had them both rooted within 2 to 2 1/2 weeks.

    At the two week point, I repotted both of my clones due to mold (high humidity). One of the clones had rooted and the other hadn't. I was very careful with the unrooted one and stuck him back into new soil w/o mold and he rooted within the next couple days, and I started to see a little bit of growth.

    Not sure if this helps much.
  3. when I've cloned (a few types of plants) I always used a square of burlap or cheese cloth with a bit of soil in it till I got a decent set of roots

    the trick is to let the part of the stem you notch breathe enough to root very easy so loose dirt and free air through burlap/ect is what ya need as they're putting all their effort into sprouting new roots and they don't have much to work with so every bit helps
  4. You guys both took male clones? Anyway, I think Corn dog should be patient and allow 2-3 weeks for rooting. Yellowing leaves is normal and it is actually a good sign that they are starting to root. If you yank them out now to re-hormone they will not make it. Just leave them alone and be patient.
  5. yeah i cloned before i sexxed, so i have male clones, i checked the other 3 males i had and they all had roots :hello: So all is good, i took the humidity domes off its been 1 week now, i figured the soil has not dried out yet (a day later top is still moist) and needs to if i plan to hopefully promote root growth (they need to go looking for water now that thier rooted).

    Hopefully all my girls take, if not i may try and reveg the plant if i think its a winner :)
  6. Corn-dog,
    Next time clone from a plant you know is a female. By the way, is that an Acura Integra dash board in your signature?
  7. yes it is an integra, when i grow out from seed i wanted to take clones before i sexxed, to induce less stress on the clones, one of them is going to be a mother plant for a while, so i cloned all of my plants before sex, then switch to flower and when i've weeded out the males i checked the clones for roots and threw them out since they were of no value to me.
  8. can someone explain to me more in depth how to clone? i've read a few things about it but not much at all.. can some expert just elaborate? i heard you have to cut it at a 45 degree angle but where? and how old does the plant usually have to be? :) thanks a lot a head of time:D sorry i sound sorta dumb but i just havent learned enough about rooting. thxx
  9. Its really not hard at all. The best time to clone a plant is about 2 weeks into flowering. All you have to do is cut off a small branch. Then under running water, cut the end at a 45 degree angle (its important to have it under running water or you could leave air bubbles in the stem and kill it), Then dip it in some rooting hormones, plant it, and cover it to keep the humidity up. Some people like to mist it once a day. As soon as you start to see new growth (usually anywhere from a few days to a couple weeks) remove the cover. Thats all there is to it.

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