cloning help pls grrrr!

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  1. Ok please could some1 tell me if you have all the factors right when it comes to cloning i.e humidity correct, cutting at 45*, etc etc what else could the problem be that they are not rooting?
    thanks for any help
  2. How much time are you giveing them to root???
    Tell us what procedure you useing??

    Thanks Dale:devious:
  3. Definately use the liquid rooting hormone the powdered stuff sucks trust me, also cloning can take sometimes for me up to 15 days. make sure u try to get a good cut so you get the maximum ammount of roots
  4. Hey whats up? Thought i would give a helping hand here:wave: . You do need to get liquid or gel rooting harmone, they work much better. Even though I have used the powder with no problems, just slower rooting. First off keep everthing clean as hell when you clone. Wash hand, blade, make sure medium is sterile. Right after you plant the clones keep the hum. at 100% this will keep them from wilting as bad and speed up growth. Allow freash air in clone chamber a few times a day. Keep hum at 100% for the first week and then drop it down to 85%. Also check the root temp and keep around 75 F. this will speed up root growth. I have been cloning for 6 years now and have a 99% survival rate in my clone chambers. you should not have any prob if you kept everything clean and sterile. Hope this helps1 if you have any more questions feel free to PM me! PEACE OUT STONER!
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  5. ok i have a white russian and powerplant, both about 5ft healthy and in flogro 15l
    Im using fensi grow A + B.
    I was using clonex but am now going to use floeximix cubes with gel4plugs in an ez machine and have built a lid for it too.
    The other cuttings lasted about 2 weeks before they wilted away!

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