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  1. hey guys an gals, I have a few questions.

    1) Is Northern Lights a easy strain to clone, Any tips or things to look out for?

    2) Is cutting below a node or set of nodes imperitive?

    3) Is 3 bladles on the top leaves enough or dose it have to be 5 or 7?

    4) Im using clonex gel, When misting should i use superthrive?

    5) How wet/moist should the soil be when first inserting cuttings in medium? Im using Promix.

    Im not new to growing but this my first time taking my own cuttings an only my 3rd yr using clones, and from our experence last yr clones are the only way to go. Thanks for any and all help!!!!!:wave:
  2. 1)I think cloning is the same with every strain...they just differ in the number of days it takes the cuttings to root.
    2)I heard you want to cut the lower branches of leaves for good clones.
    3)3 should be have to cut the clone's leaves in half anyways.
    4)You don't really need anything extra...just use rooting gel to root and spray pH'd water twice, maybe 3 times a day...
    5)You don't want the soil WET, you just want it a little moist. Not WET but not DRY.
  3. 1. It's not any harder to clone than the average plant.

    2. If you don't cut below a node then there are no nodes or fan leaves on the clone. So yes, there should be at very least one node on every clone.

    3. The top leaves of the clone or the mother? Clones don't need to have any set number of blades on their leaves. They just need enough leaf to feed on while growing roots, with at least a small healthy set at the top to collect light after the others are gone.

    4. NO. Never feed clones anything but plain, properly pH'd water. It can be done but since they can root just as well without extra food, adding some will either just root the same way or hurt the plants. Never mist or allow water to drip on clones. When the clones get their water from their tops, they have no reason to grow roots on the bottom.

    5. Are you using someone's cloning procedure that says you should use Pro-mix or is that your own choice of cloning medium?
  4. promix is what weve always used, my understanding is thats it a nutral medium. always used it as a seed starter. you said to never mist the cuttings, others have said to gently mist 2 to 3 times daily, or should i depend on humidity to do it?
  5. Yeah I couldn't think of why not to use it but since it wasn't in my mental list of cloning mediums, I thought I'd ask to be sure.

    When misting is required to keep the humidity up, you just lightly spray the underside of the cloning tray/container cover.

    If you keep the substrate moist and use a heating pad underneath, the rooting area of the clones will stay warm and the heat from the bottom will raise the humidity more than enough for the babies. It's very important to test the heating pad on an empty tray/container for at least a day. Add insulation between the two until the tray/container gets slightly warm but not too warm. As long as the substrate is kept moist, the heat will keep the humidity up so no misting is required. If the condensation on the cover builds to the point where water drips on the clones, set the cover ajar and keep opening it further until there's condensation but not quite enough to cause dripping.

    Completely out of coincidence, I just took some clones tonight myself and let the heating pad get a little hotter than I would have liked. I should check it now actually. Good luck.
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    Thanks jellyman...... another question..... it was answered b4 but i dont think my question was clear. when taking a cutting, Is it imperitive to cut below nodes or fan leaves or will it be ok to say cut just the stem if the nodes are so far from the tops/ new growth as to make the cutting top heavy, i know about cutting the top leaves in half so it will not be top heavy? I hope my question is clear. Im also aware of lightly scraping the outer layer of the stem
  7. Ok I think I got it. You're asking if there's any reason to make the cut directly under a node, almost touching it, rather than further down the stem. It's actually the other way around. The lowest leaves are what will stop the clone from being pushed further into the soil and there needs to be enough stem underground to both support the plant and reach far enough down so that light doesn't get to it. The lowest leaves can be removed when the clones are taken, creating a longer clean stem to stick in the soil, and many people do this with all of their clones. If it can be avoided, however, then do so. You want to damage the clones as little as possible.

    You seem to have most of the cloning process well covered. The only important parts that haven't yet been mentioned are keeping all water for clones at pH 5.8, and also give them at least 8hrs of darkness every day because roots grow faster at night.
  8. Agin thanks dude i was aware of the ph an ro water but as for the at least 8 hrs i had them on 18/6 changed it before i replied........agin many many thanks.......could have ruined several hundred:).........:gc_rocks:
  9. Just found this thread Props go to dorklover664, it is a very clear an informative post:gc_rocks:


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