Cloning Ganja Guerrilla style.. what did i do wrong?!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by mordgrow, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. these clones are 12 days old

    one was leaning overa bit, so i inspected the stem:



    This ones stem seems fine, but zero sign of rooting


    PH has been 5.8 - 6.0 the whole time, no nutes added, a drop of superthrive per 8oz of water was added for foilar spray and soil watering, it was kept in a clear plastic dome, opened once a day to mist and get some air exchanged.

    I now have the dome off letting them dry out a little, seems like they are too wet to me?
  2. they are way too wet.I dont use a dome,

    the one damaged stem looks like again too wet and it got stem rot

    the clones dont look the healthiest to start with the stems are very dark purple is that soil they are in?
  3. yep, soil /vermiculite mix.. they looked pretty healthy to start with, i dont remebr any discoloration, but its pretty cool where they are, i'd say 68-70 constant.

    this is 12 days after cutting, so they have deteriorated quite a bit, no leafs were yellow before, this was fresh growth from the top of my big plant.

    is there anything i can do to recover at this point?
  4. put some drain holes in the cups, they look like they are in mud

    raise the ph to 6.5 for soil
  5. there's about 6 holes in the bottom. i guess we didnt need to water at all with the dome after making the inital "mud" as per your video

    so keep the soil sopping or keep it damp? i'm just trying to copy your method for now, my previous clone method is out due to technical difficulties.
  6. I keep it damp to wet but I have better drainage my soil doesnt look like mud, actually I water them every 3 days or so

    did you use superthirve, they should not have lightened in color so fast

    continue on as you are but I would start a couple more, and dont use a dome, use 6.5ph or tap water & you should do better
  7. my well water is 8.2PH and 230 PPMs

    my mom is now pretty deep into flower.. but i guess i can pick off some weaker under branches.

    what about the rotting stem one? re cut or just leave it?

    there are 6 holes in the bottom of each cup around the rim, and one in the middle, though the soil compacts a lot and i can usaly squeeze water out of them i if i squeeze the cups
  8. You'll get much better root growth if you use a heating pad, you can see an example of one here

    You used a soil / vermiculite mix? ..looks to me like it doesn't drain good enough, try a (river) sand / peat mix. Don't use soil for cuttings. Also shallow trays are better than the deep cups you're using, they drain better.

    Did you use a rooting hormone, and did you make your cuts to the bottom of the stems just below a node? There's a concentration of hormones in the nodes so making that bottom cut just below a node allows those hormones to be available for the root growth.

    Don't forget that heating pad, it's the most important thing you give cuttings to get them to root properly.

    Good Luck!! :hello:
  9. i used a rooting powder, used super thrive. i do think the cups arent draining well at all and were too moist.

    i guess this crop is done for also.. i'l have to cut some more and start from scratch..
  10. I don't have much experience cloning, mord, but i've done the exact same thing and kept my clones too damp and had the same results. stems bending in half and starting to rot, no rooting, deteriorating greenery, etc... dry that soil out pronto and you can still recover those clones though I bet. or you may not care enough to save them and just want to start over, your call :D

    good luck my man
  11. try just putting a clipping in water under the dome you have, i had luck that way.

  12. you keep tellin me that.

    one of these days i'll listen!

    the cup of water trick isnt so good for me, i eventualy want to have 30+ clones per wave.. thats a lot of litle cups of water! heh

    I think the fact that its 60-65 degrees where im cloning is my issue, i just bought a heating pad, gonna give that a go!
  13. mord, i am so struggling with cloning too. i put one clone in soil and it is barely hanging on. there is a little bit of root growth, but i still don't know if the little girl is gonna make it. her leaves are starting to turn yellow a little. hope the roots form in time. if not, i'm back starting over, just like you.
  14. thats normal, when the roots begin to show the plant is using what it needs from within, the fact you have roots showing, your out of the woods so to speak, if the soil the clones are in has been pre ferted then just water the clones only

    if the soil isnt pre ferted start ferting @ 1/8 strength ferts after you see roots
  15. just like ganj said, your doin 100% better than me, i'd be extatic if any of my 30 cuttings had rooted!

    im pretty sure my issue is the mother plants health when i took the cuttings :(
  16. really? i'm doing ok? i thought since the leaves were turning yellow i was gonna lose it. i dug up the roots today just to see and they are small, but definitely there. i thought they might not be big enough. guess my little girl might make it after all. thanks for the help and good luck mord!
  17. really your doing ok ;)
  18. WOOHOO

    go heating pad go!
  19. yay mord!! congrats!
  20. there you go Mord

    heating pads are not necessary, but will definetly help things along.
    humidity domes also help , but the clones have another issue going from the humid dome to outside the dome, the abrupt humidity change causes them to stress a bit again

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