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  1. Hello,
    Does anyone have any info/experience with cloning to yield a faster harvest. I read that some people do this to shorten the time to harvest. But, my dad (PhD in horticulture) doubts it would speed it up by more than a few days because the clone has to expend energy growing roots first. The time it takes to grow roots and start getting bigger is about the same time it takes for a seedling to reach the same size.

    Is there something unique about marijuana that allows a clone to grow faster than average? Has anyone experienced faster maturity using the cloning technique? By how much (days, weeks)?

    Don't worry about going over my head in your answer. I have an expert that will be able to interpret it even if I cant. :)

  2. A clone is the same age as.its.mother . Thus if mother is lets say 4-5 months old . once its rooted . Will take off much faster then a seed .

    I sometimes flower my seeds at 4-6 weeks , all depending if she standard in devellopement . But clones are faster in the end guaranteed .

    I often take clones from my veg room right about two weeks before i flip to.flowering .... to get bumper crops .

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  3. Im going to suggest you a book . Very very informative .Marijuana Growers handbook by Ed Rosenthal . It doesnt teach advanced growing techniques but it will surely educate you on everything else thats for sure .

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  4. I havnt done side to side comparison to see if clones grow faster.

    But i clone - not cuz i want to save days from seed - but to ensure desired genetics, phenotype, overall health and strength of just that plant that im cloning. And i do not have to spend money on femenized seeds or make seeds myself.

    I really never begun cloning for the faster growth mentioned. But it is much easier for me to choose the clones that are equal to eachother in debelopment, making my training with even canopy so much easier. Just cut the clone at the size i want.

    I would still clone if someone told me i could gain days or a week, going from seed. But thats just me :)


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    Well that would depend on how big the clone is.

    What your father is saying does hold some truth but he's overlooked a vital part. Marijuana needs to be about 3 or 4 weeks old before its sexually mature enough to begin flowering. If you have a clone and I'm assuming the mother plant is already older than 4 weeks and has reached sexual maturity, the clones can be flowered straight away. The plants will obviously be small, but you can simply cut many clones to compensate. This will then give you a faster turnover. It's the whole idea behind of Sea Of Green.

    Also, you can cut a 10" clone, root it for a week and you will have a 10 or possibly even an 11" clone. Whereas a week old seedling is not going to be 10"
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  6. Thanks everyone!

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