Cloning from heavily budded branch aka Supercropping (the OTHER supercropping)

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Loki7, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. A long time ago, before the current technique known as Super Cropping became so well known, there was another Super Cropping. It was basically growing a plant from a heavily budded branch. I'm taking about a bud on the end of a lower branch, about the size of... well smaller than a golf ball, but like bigger than, say, a marble...

    When that bug starts vegging, it'll turn that bud into like twenty branches. And if you top it right away and you get this crazy little bush with all colas. I'm trying to find pictures of it... Someone on another board did this amazing ScroG with one...

    Every time I hear someone ask if you can clone a flowering plant, I expect to see someone mention this, but no one ever does... everybody knows this, right?

  2. People know :):smoke:
  3. I do this. Works great if you train it young but so does regular clones. U lose like 2 weeks is why most people don't use it (gotta 'reveg' the clone).
  4. Yeah there was a thread about that on here a while ago. I think that it was referred to as "monster-cropping" on that thread.
  5. im trying this but instead of taking clones from a flowering plant i begin to flower a clone, then switch back to veg. so far its working just the same, super tight nodal spacing and lots of branching.

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