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  1. We took a cutting September 9 from a flowering ICE plant. Six weeks later, the clone is still trying to flower, hasn't grown much, but is still a nice green. We used rooting hormone but put it in soil. Is it ever going to re-veg or is it a lost cause? Pic attached:

  2. it will re-veg just keep it on 24hrs light or 16/8
  3. I've noticed some fan leaves starting to grow. It still has a bunch of trichomes on the smaller leaves but I think it is starting to re-veg.
  4. yea it will grow but just like you knew before hand , clones from flowering plants lag real bad.
    Probably the best thing for is is wash the roots of and plant it hydro to force feed it for veg and kick it in the ass.
    That plant after 6 weeks after cutting would concern me too, its not thriving.
    I do think its a perfect candidate for planting DWC. 2 weeks it will double in size then its off the the races.
    Even I have slow growing clones in soil, very rare for them to root and launch big time.
    Well this pic is clones but like I said they are in hydro.
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  5. Well I'm not set up for Hydro so I'll let them slowly re-veg and see what happens. The plant is looking better every day and seems to be sending out new growth so I'll just let go it's own way. If it ends up looking half as good as it's mother, it will be a terrific plant!
  6. How far in?! I have had one take 3mons and I gave
    Up. It was 3ft of main fluffy cola

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