cloning from 12/12 from seed?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ghsbum08, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. Hi I have a question, if you grow your plants 12/12 light cycle from seed can you still top your plants? If you can will it have a different resullt from a different light cycle light 16/8 or 24/0.
  2. Obviously. It will be very stunted. It needs light to grow, all you are doing is cutting down the amount of light. Do it the normal way, and then switch to 12/12 when its big enough (usually after 1 month).
  3. I am also wondering about this technique. Since the plant grows on 12/12 from seed, how will it know when it is time to flower? You only what to top/clone her when shes in veg period. i am considering doin this on a Hawaiian snow strain. ive read that they still get enormous even if you give them 12/12 lighting from seed.

    assuming you have a height limit, you want to keep her small using only flowering light schedule and you want to clone/top her to make her even shorter.

    it is possible to clone/top your plant if she was on 12/12 since seed. but the clones might turn hermie due to the stress (if they where clipped while they were flowering). its hard to say, but if you do decide to top your plant, please let us know what happens :)

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