Cloning clones...good idea or big mistake?

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  1. Hey my buddy has a bunch of barneys farm LSD clones and he offered me a couple and I was wondering if I could mom them out or would there be a problem? I was also wondering about potency...would it be as good as the original clone or will it lose potency? Just wondering. Thanks for your input in advance.
  2. No, thats why you keep a mother.
  3. wrong, what are you talking about how long do you think that mother will live indoors? - if you had a green house and could give it lots of room to grow up and lived in cali or near the equator and had supplemental lighting to keep it from flowering you maybe can keep it for 2 years, maybe and then its going to be like 20 ft tall and you cant take clones off of that the stems will be way to big

    thats why its called a "clone" it will be the same as long as the plant didnt get really stressed out - I have been growing for like 15 years and yea we keep a mother plant in some places and its cut up and cloned and then the best of those clones becomes the next mother plant and so on

    I have had maui wowie since I started growing 15 years ago and the guy I got it from got it 17 years ago from hawaii, he took 6 plants on a boat to cali and 4 lived, of those 4 2 more died a few weeks latter and then the last 2 were clones and made into a new mother plant, the last 2 were killed off by cutting it up for clones - I am working with only clones at my uncles house and for the last 6 years we have been cloning the clones and so on with no problems at all so that guy dont know what he is talking about
  4. okay mr. I've grown for 15 years and I know everything. Dont be rude, jackass.

    Maybe you have had good luck with trying to clone clones, well I havent.

    It's a personal preference not to do it, my success rate is very low if my clone doesnt come from a seed mother. Maybe it's just bad luck on my part - but I just choose not to do it.

    I'm not saying that its not genetically possible, I was simply suggesting using a mother.
  5. I think doing it once is fine but it's not recommended doing it a lot because it degrades the genes...its like how a copy of a copy of paper get worse each time you copy it
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    Misinformation is bad.

    Knowledge is key.

    Too many people think they know what they're talking about when they have no real world experience about this.

    I do.

    I have been cloning clones from moms into clones then more moms from clones and so on....(BMR & ATF, as well as others)

    Many factors affect whether or not YOU can achieve this...but NOT including what people who HAVEN'T cloned a particular strain for years THINK they know.

    Strain genetics...
    Strain tendencies...
    Your cloning techniques...
    Your clone survival rate...
    And so on...



    Clones are not copies.

    Clones(and subsequent clones from that) are genetically identical as the original mother they were cut from.

    Hence CLONE. Not replica or copy.

    Read more, Grow more, Clone more and you will LEARN more.

    I'm not here to piss people off, just correcting others fallacies because they talk about things they know nothing of.

    If you have direct experience to add to this, by all means please post, but if you do not, please do not post as it fills GC up with misinformation, and there is already too many chiefs who think they know it all.

    That said, I don't know it all, but I know enough of what I speak of because I have experience.

    Flame on! ;)
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  7. Not trying to jack the thread, and hopefully this isnt a dumb question.

    Does having a short life auto strain (in my case buddah white dwarf) affect the ability to repeatedly clone clones? Im assuming genetics are pretty stable, physiologic age is my concern.
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    Well said, all the extra information was super unnecessary. Guess what I have been growing for a long time too. and to answer the guys question yes you can clone a clone.
    As for mother plants only being able to be kept near the equator, strait bullshit. I don't keep my mothers for 15 years but I have kept a mother indoors for years, there is training that you can do to keep them small. That guy should read the bonsai mother thread. For being as knowledgeable as he claims he should know you can keep a mother indoors for a long time with out ill effect with proper pruning.
  9. autos can be cloned but repeat cloning no sir they will just not work like that, your first round clones will be very small and produce very small amounts of buds. Totally not worth it.
  10. Its ironic im browsing this site and i find relatable information on cloning. Now im not a botanist and i have 0 grow experience. But this documentary just said about apples having a frozen evolution or stopped its evolution from just using clones. It inhabits its ability to evolve and more pest and disease can infiltrate the plant. I know this doesnt DIRECTLY answer your question but i guess its worth mentioning.
  11. excellent point to consider.

  12. Thanks. Definitely check out the botany of desire, its on netflix. The mention of cloning was said during the apple part of the documentary, but theres also a cannabis part and they go into the history of how cannabis made its way to today. They said in the documentary it was one mans educated opinion that the best growers of today of any plants are the ones who grow cannabis simply because of how much care they put into it.
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  13. the frozen evolution is true. but that's the risk you take but there is no genetic degradation over time.
  14. The only problem I've had is that it became more difficult to clone after a few revolutions.

    I think this was because of the more woody stems at the bottom so you are to clone from the top which have less auxins. Other than that just keep each mother you grow out a healthy as possible.
  15. hate it when my plants rise up against me, damn near lost an eye last time.;)
  16. Correct! Evolution depends on selection of variations in characters accumulated through sexual reproduction and mutations. When cloning, reproduction does not occur, but mutations can. Usually the mutations that lead to genetically unique individuals occurs during meiosis of the parent gametes, but in the case of cloning, there are no gametes, so mutation only occurs in the cell lineage of undifferentiated cells. In layman's terms, this means that any clone coming from a mother is genetically identical to the mother. Any clone made from a clone of that mother is also genetically identical to the mother. So, scientifically and theoretically speaking, a lineage of clones is "immortal" and can be continued indefinitely. Remember though, this is just theoretical.
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