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  1. I got a plant that's getting too big(privacy concerns) and I'd like to get some clones going.

    Is it necessary to have a humidity dome?

    I tried a few in my veg garden outside but none made it. I used rooting powder I got from Walmart so idk if that has anything to do with it.

    Thx in advance

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  2. Necessary isn't the right term.. it is highly recommended tho. Setting the tray on a heating pad helps, mist the inside of the humidity dome a couple times a day.

    Then again.. none of my clones have ever successfully rooted.. so maybe forget what I said.. lol
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  3. what's the medium you used for cloning? I use rockwool and cloning gel or just bees honey as a rooting hormone with 100% success...never like the powder as it doesn't "seal" the clone as well and let's air in wilting it ..also use a dome they need upwards of 90% humidity to root fast ...although light is needed it can be very weak (fluorescent) as while the plants are rooting they aren't using the light for photosynthesis. The light is more used to keep the humidity up at that point...remember to soak the rockwool in 5.0 ph water until it sets stable at around 5.5 to 6.0 because new rockwool usually has a ph that's higher than you want.. hope this helps...

    good luck and good grows keep us posted

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  4. Rotting powder and jiffy pods. 100% success ratio if you follow all cloning steps.

    First grow using cfls.
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  5. Cloning can be tricky. The humidity dome helps the young cuttings out big league for the first few days. I generally use it for about 3 days all the time keeping the environment inside the dome very humid. Start exposing the clones to some light around the end of day 3 or on day 4 to temper them some. We use Clonex cloning gel and Clonex cloning solution. The less woodier the foliage you attempt to clone, the easier it is to make it happen....or, I should say, the faster they'll show roots. The biggest key to getting clones to do well is, just like with the plant, allowing them to almost dry out before adding more cloning solution to the cube. I would toss the rock wool and get some Rapid Rooter antibacterial cloning cubes. They're actually not very expensive, but work much better than rock wool. Using the tender shoots as cuttings, we generally have roots showing in 7 days....using dome. It's a bit more difficult without it, but it can be done. You can use anything to make a humidity dome...just something to trap moisture around the clones. A heating pad underneath them is also a good thing to do as it spurs on root formation. Good luck. It's pretty much something you have to figure out own your own. Took me several tries and correcting mistakes, but it's actually the most simple part of the indoor grow. Just make sure to let the rock wool or cube or whatever you're using to support the clone, to dry out a good bit before rewetting. Letting it dry makes the roots start to look for food....which forces them out of the cube. Good luck. TWW
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  6. so heres what I do, really simple and haven't lost a clone yet.
    I went and got a little utility light, one of the clip on ones with the metal skirt around it. Then I went and bought two bottoms of some rubbermaid storage containers. Just made sure they fit somewhat closely. Pop a hole in what you will use as the top of the container. Hang the light about 12 inches above the rubbermaid container.
    When you clip your plants, cut the stem at 45 degree angle (the stem you are planting to clone!) and then I trim back all the leaves. I water them and mist them once a day and keep them in the humidity dome for about 2 weeks, then they are ready to be transplanted!
    I don't use any rooting compound at all. All I use is the little jiffy plugs that expand when watered. I just stick the stem of the clipping thru the hole in the jiffy plug, then put that in a solo cup of soil. They may look really sickly and even dead for the first two days or so, but they will bounce back!

    Edit: Also, besides the humidity, the most important thing is the lights!! You must have them on 18/6 to be successful cloning. I did keep one or two going 24/0 but I literally haven't lost a single one since going 18/6 and using the humidity dome I made for about $10!
  7. You can clone with a mature aloe plant too
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  8. If youre trying to clone under the sun this will not work. The sun is way to hot and bright for clones.... Im sure you can clone under the sun but im sure theres alot more to it then putting the clone outside in the ground.
  9. I've had them live outside BUT not under direct sun was total shade...and some did fuck up if I remember it was like 4 out of 7 that made it...NOT recommended though. fluorescent is best at that stage. can't overpower them and it keeps the humidity up.

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  10. Thanks for the info.

    I'm using soil to clone.. It's good light soil thats airy if that matters, I'm gonna have to look into getting some rockwool ASAP but does anyone clone in soil? Is it possible?

    Any tips on making a homemade diy dome of some sort?

    Id like to be able to use my grow buckets I have made.. Would just one or two 23watt CFLs be enough for 3-4 clones?

    Thx much for the info man

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  11. Thanks for all the info guys. I got a set of t8 lights and lamp from my buddy the other day, I think it's like 3k tho.

    I'm gonna try to find some sort of big clear container and try to do something til I'm able to go gather some stuff. I'll keep u posted

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  12. This is the plant I'm gonna be trying to clone, is it too big yet?[​IMG]

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  13. So ..yes I do have a good idea..SO pic 1 get yourself a rubber made tub doesn't matter what size or
    Pic 2...cut the entire bottom out of the part you store shit in...
    Pic 3 saran wrap nice and tight the bottom part you just cut.
    pic 4 Turn the lid upside down, place the wrapped piece on top AND WALLA ..the top is now the tray..the bottom is now the dome...
    pic 5 all you need is the tub and saran wrap..=10 dollars or.less...

    this one fits 30 easily with spaces. the bigger the rubber maid tub the more plants you can handle...remember to get the saran wrap nice and tight (I use water on the sides of the tub before I stretch the plastic so it sticks.

    good luck building the most expensive difficult and complex cloning machine ever.
    Time for finger Hash toke..[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  14. To big what? That's all growers want is bigger girls more flowers If your worried that there getting to big super crop them

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  15. Oh by the way she's looking excellent. And i would also top her few times wouldn't hurt to keep her down.

    Happy 4th of July

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  16. Man I'm gonna get that project going right now and I'll be sure to post pics. Thx for the help, that's exactly what I was wantin to know...

    For about 6-8 clones, would 4 27watt t8 lights be too much or not enough?

    Just water it like a normal seedling?

    Thx dude I'm gonna be good grower before no time. Hah ya right

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  17. you don't need alot of light at all during cloning I've had this same dome and used a 2 foot 20 watt fluorescent as effectively as any other light and I've tried many.different combos .the key is to keep up the humidity (the drops of water that build up on the saran wrap will indicate the level of humidity.
    or you can get a thermostat but I've never needed one. though ...good luck and show us pics of this new cloning machine

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  18. [​IMG]
    this 30 plot beast cost me roughly 180 bucks to make. but cost is subjective to the amount of plots you want. inside is a pool/submersible water pump and sprayer assembly of dry fit 1/2" pvc and mister nozzels. and keeping the stalks wet is what keeps the plant alive in this setup.

    I got rootlets in 9-12 days and had enough root growth in a couple days after to transfer to a solo cup. nothing special had the cutting soaking to moisten up the cut for the rooting powder to form a past then gave the rootlet 5-8 mins to let the past soak in, and 24/7 lighting for the mother and the clones

    here is the thread that got me setup
    Lets Build a Clone Machine *Step by Step*
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  19. damn 180 bucks to root clones in 9 to 12 days? that dome rig I use roots clones on the 10th day systematically with 30 one inch cubes of rockwool with clones using clonex or honey as hormone and the right ph'd water. and it cost less than 20 dollars total☻☻

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