Cloning and sexing?

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  1. what is cloning, and is their an easy way to tell if your plants are male or female, cuz im growin 7 plants and i dont know what sex they are :smoke:
  2. cloning is the reproduction of a plant & its specific genitics, by taking a cutting and rooting it

    your plants need to be 5-6 weeks old before they can be sexed, take a cutting from each plant put the cutting in a glass of water, with 1 drop of SUPERthrive use an old CD on top of the glass to support the plant from falling in the water. (or just clone in dirt & sex the clone, but this takes a little longer waiting for roots)
    put the cutting in a dark cupboard for 36 hrs....change the water...and now give the cutting only 8 hrs of lite a day....change the water every other day including the drop of SUPERthrive
  3. But can you grow a whople lant from the clone, and determine the sex?
  4. yes & the clone carries the exact genetics of the mother plant.
    when your seedlings are 5-6 weeks use the method described above to determine the sex of each plant you have

    then kill the males off for prime seedless females. plant any of the female clones to replace any males you may have to kill off

    go to the beginners section read the basics you have a lot to learn
  5. rganx dude, and ya this is my first time growing, its harder than i thought it would be

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