cloning and/or seeding lowryders

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    I am reading at several sites that, and I quote,

    "Having no vegetative stage, Lowryder can’t be cloned or regenerated, for all intents and purposes. Replanting seeds is a must. But then, this plant’s unique advantages do away with any reason for cloning in the first place. In any case, seeds are much easier to transport and handle and have a higher success rate."

    So I am supposed to let the males live and seed the females and then try to smoke it? How can this possibly yield a tasty bud? As a medical user that am my own caregiver, I will be providing for others in the future, that is, if I am not trying to unload seedy bud.

    I have smoked ruderalis hybrids before and I have had ones that knocked me on my ass (mostly skunk #1 and northern lights). They were seedless too and I think I know my former acquaintance a little better than to assume he just stopped growing the strain once he harvested.

    What possible "unique advantages" could do away with any reason for cloning? I must be missing something!

    Lil help?

    I should add that I have only one room. If I let one male go it will send all of them to seed. Perhaps I should just abandon ruderalis hybrids.
  2. You can smoke seeded bud, but you wouldn't seed all of it. Look up selective pollination. You just pollinate nodes you want on 1 plant, you keep just 1 male, and you place it preferably in another house. (it won't need more than window to get 4-5 mature pollen sacks.

    There's a guide somewhere on this forum called -milking my nuts- It's not indexed so its hard to find. I have the bookmark on my other laptop but the screen is broken. :(

    maybe somebody can direct you.

    You can't clone because the clones will flower at the same time as the mother you took them from. You just hack your plant up and, by the time can clone its trying to flower. Bad mix.

    It's just not reasonable to clone. Its not impossible, but it will only give you worse results.
  3. Also lowryders are notoriously weak in potency except for auto white russian, and if you want short plant veg for 30 days then flower regular seeds. Sure it will take 3-4 weeks longer, but you will most likely have better buds and you can clone or seed as you wish.

    SOG in a perpetual harvest will produce short plants that you can harvest every 2-3 weeks if you keep replanting after doing a seed run.
    They are not gentiacally enginered to be cloned. they are not strong enough of a plant as a whole. trust my buddy who has grown for 8 years tried and had 1 of 20 live but i made no bud.....
  5. I have also heard that they do not clone.
  6. I have heard no success stories from auto cloning attempts and thats my buddies that have tried and internet and it even says it in the bible "Ruderalis Indica and Ruderalis Skunk do not make suitable mother plants due to their auto-flowering capability." Dude I got a seed for free one time and the damn things are done in 70/75 days from germ. It was fast and I have seen people get a couple ozs off a plant but I need more bud so I dont fuck with em.

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