Cloning And Early Hydro

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  1. seen this on facebook today thought someone might like it looks like a nice settup and its recycling so here we go =D  i was thinking would work goodwith clones and smaler plants.


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  2. Looks very good for cloning, thinking of doing this myself now, when I get the chance. 
  3. Someone needs to try this to find out how good it works so it can be made a sticky

    if we all had a smoke, we wouldn't need war

  4. glad you guys like it i dont have any mj seeds to try it out but i got beer bottles =o
  5. nice.. thats a cool way to recycle glass bottles.. you could cut plastic bottles and do the same thing though.. its not a new trick, my mom did it with 3 liter soda bottles 20+ years ago..  not with MJ, she planted misc flowers and had us kids paint the outside of the plastic bottles. I do see where this could be good for clones though i think a 3 liter would be better as you would have to fill the bottle less often.. maybe a 40 beer bottle instead of the regular size ( i'm not a drinker so i dont know how many fl oz's a regular beer bottle is)
  6. i think i agree with you 420 i think a bigger bottle  would be great for this and plastic might workwell to
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