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  1. What age or time in growth should I clone? Comig up on 4 weeks planted now (Started germentation 4 weeks ago) And there starting to grow now. If someone would like to see pciture I can aol them to you or msn or something.

    Basically Got 5 total plants.

    2 Widow
    2 Purple passion
    1XSkunk 1

    I want to have 6Widow
    4 purple and 6 skunk

    Is this at all possible?
  2. Clone as soon as they show sex. This way you know you are not cloning a male and you can put those clones into flower whenever you want.
  3. My seeds are 99.9% Feminized. So im pretty sure there female. Also this is my first grow as ive said.
    "Put these clones into flower"
    Define that for me if you dont mind. Also if youg ot a chat program let me know.. maybe can chat there make this quicker?
  4. If you try to bud out a plant before it has preflowered and shown it's sex you will find that things don't like to run smoothly, that's why I only grow seeds to get my clone mothers. Once they preflower I not only know what the sex is (Like you said yours should be female) I can also begin the plant budding, or I can clone from it can since all clones taken from the plant that have already shown their sex and are preflowered I can bud them out whenever I want. I could start them on 12/12 right after they root or keep them on 18/6 or 24/0 till they are ten feet tall and then bud them then, or at any time in between. But a plant will not bud untill it has preflowered and shown it's sex.
  5. That confuses me.Mine are on the regular schedule. Basically they get daylight when sun is up and none when its not. Should i start them on 12/12? There indoor no artificial light.
  6. If you are using the sun light your plants will grow till the day shortens toward fall. Your plant will preflower sometime between 1 and 2 months old. But they should finish up sometime on october. If you were using artificial light you could shorten the light cycle yourself with a timer and thereby start them budding sooner. This is good for controlling the height of your plants.
  7. Size height and smell is no matter to me. But Im looking for reccomendations. Should I clone now or wait?
  8. Like I was saying, it's up to you. If you have no reason for them to show sex first then go ahead. Are you planing on keeping a mother plant for future cloning as well? How many clones do you want to take at any given time?
  9. Mine usually show their sex when they are 4 to 6 weeks old, when round about a foot tall.
    I routinely start from seed, and take clones only if I am short of females. I don´t grow more than 4 plants, we are allowed to grow for our own use here, so I keep it sensible.
    I got 50 ounces of dried bud from my 4 ladies last year, though.
  10. Well Im planning to get roughly 10-15 plants depending on situations. How many Can I clone off the mother female sensibly without ruining her/the clones?

    Also im 99.9% sure there female :)
    Its also 2 females. Should I veg one and not the other and use the veg to simply clone as a permanent mother?
  11. You can take as many clones as you have branch ends. More if you want your clones to be topped already. The more tops you remove from the plant the more it will have in the future. Normally the plant doesn't start it's secondary branch growth till after it has shown it's sex. Once these branches begin to grow you can take cuttings from those as well. After you take a branch end the next two secondary branches below it will begin to grow faster and larger to take the place of the one you have cut. The more times you do this, the more bushy the plant will get. This is how you make a clone mother. Chances are you don't have enough branch ends on your plant right now to get your goal of 10-15 plants. If you really want that many I would keep them both vegging. And as soon as they show their sex you should take every branch end. You can root these out if you want or toss them, because I doubt there will be enough. But after she grows all her new ends out to replace those you have taken you should have plenty. Problem is you are planing on growing them outdoors I thought. You will never have them in time to grow them outside. It will take you a few weeks just to get the mothers ready, then a few more for your clones to root and harden up to go out. You'll be halfway through the grow season before they are done.
  12. Oh damn. So id have to grow the clones inside?
  13. Yeah basically. Do you have any pics you could post? If so then I would have a much better idea of where your at. Have your plants begun to produce secondary branches at the leaf nodes?(Like in the pic). If not then you are going to want to wait to take your clones till it does. As soon as you see this secondary grow cut the tops of your plants off. Root them too if you would like, Something to grow out and keep ya going till you get to where you want. I'll also post a pic of some moms I had a while ago. And for fun I'll post a pic of what they turned into. But if you look at the pic of the moms you'll see what happenes with repeated topping and how it helps when it comes to cloning. Ok, I attached pics before my moms showed sex and were topped, pics a few weeks later when they were getting bushy, pic with circled secondary growth and a pic of those moms when I budded them out at 8-9'.

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  14. Ill be taking pictures tonight and post them up here. Also I was wondering. In the picture 3rd from the top. Is that good the plant bushing out like that? and is that one of the mothers?
  15. All of those pics are of the same 2 plants except the bottom one that was to show you the secondary shoots. I ended up keeping a clone of of them for mothers. Have quite a few clones off of them right now actually. It's good to have them that way for a few things, like if you want to ScrOG or if you want more buds instead of one main kola. Or ofcourse if you want a mother plant. As you can see you could take many clones from a plant like that. It was much bigger and much bushier later on trust me. I must have taken over 1000 cuts off of them trying out all kinds of cloning methods.
  16. Well im not sure . How exactly do a I veggie it? I mean I got plants growing. How do i basically veggie it? Not sure im somewhat lost. I know 12/12 scheudle would make it force into flowering (that means buds right) But if i veggie it what would be different?

    Im sorry for all the questions but im learning...

  17. Yes. I put my clones, dipped in root hormone, into moist compost.
    Plastic bag over the top, under a mini fluoro for a week. I give them 18/6, as I want vegetative growth.
    I am an outdoor grower, and this is the only occasion I ever use lights.
  18. Any recomendations for a rooting solution? Is the compost a must or a recommendation?
  19. I use rootech cloning gel, but I've also used the greenlight cloning powder you can get at lowes and had good luck. Everyone has their own little way of cloning. I use jiffy-7 peat pellets instead of compost, I've also used rockwool, perlite, 50/50 perlite/vermiculite, and straight into soil. It's up to you, I've had my best luck with the jiffys, you can find them in the garden section of almost any store that has one. You veg by keeping your plants in 18 hours to 24 hours of light. Below this and they may start to flower(Bud). Then when you want them to bud you just cut the time to 12 hours on and 12 off. Check out some of the threads on cloning so you get the general idea before you start off.

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