Cloning after flower cycle started

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by 3rd Stone, Dec 18, 2002.

  1. I've only got 5 plants growing under some flos but they are healthy. After 10 days of 12/12, I just confirmed 1 male(he's already been cut down) and 1 female. I fear that I can see signs of males in 2 out of the 3 left. I'm tempted to cut clones(my first time) off the female and start those on 24/0. 1.) Will this hurt the female while it's in the 12/12 stage? Cause I'd still like to finish it and smoke it.
    2.) Will this diminish in quality the clones I'm taking after 10 days of 12/12 and putting them on 24/0?
    3.) How tall should the clones be when I trim them down for planting?
    Naturally, I could use a reply rather quickly. Thanks
  2. you need to cut from the top of the plant, at an angle, and then plant it, but you need to do it right or you could screw both plants... and if done correctly you will have two good plants for the price of one... check out for more detailed info...
  3. You can clone from a flowering plant,but I find the clones take longer to root and it seems to set them back a little.You should try to take about2-3 inches for a clone.If possible take a cutting that is woody,not the skinny little soft shoots.You`ll improve your chances that it will root.
  4. and take clones from the middle of the plant, this will allow more light and airflow to the lower branches, it will set the plant back about a week but should be ok.
    good luck

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