Cloning a plant one week into flowering?

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  1. Is it possible to get clone a plant one week into flowering? I am hoping to do this so I can have a nice flow of females since it seems to be looking of that gender. What do you think folks?
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    One week is pretty early on in the flowering cycle and should not be a problem, some people wait until flowering to make clones on purpose because it stimulates branching
  3. Yep, I second that. :smoking:
  4. What do mean stimulates branching
  5. do u mean like put it in flowering as soon as their are roots ya but after u see roots come out from the rookwool put it in the soil for at least 3 or 4 days to build some roots to hold the plant up. vega stage is when it builds roots mostly i think but idk im high so. lol but put it in a small container, with a smaller container u will have to water daily tho because they will dry out fast, especially under hps. look up sea-of-green grow
  6. third :hello:
  7. I have heard you can clone up to week 3, and I have also heard you can clone up to harvest.
  8. It really shouldn't be too much of a problem, I would just do it ASAP. Also, some strains clone better at this point than others. I would email your seed company and see if they have any advice.

  9. It is called Super Cropping. You allow a plant to develop buds, and then take cuttings. It takes a long time to let the plants revert to vegetative growth, but when they do, the branch development can be explosive.

    You have to be very patient to do this right, and some strains just won't respond well at all.

    It can be very stressful for the plant, and can lead to diminished yield, and hermaphrodites.

    I have some plants that were cloned off a budding plant. I'll try to take some pics or something when I'm done with my watering rounds.
  10. I just took 6 clones.. Three were nirvana white widow and three were nirvana white rhino.. There mothers were almost 5 weeks into flower... One rhino didnt hardly even grow much.. The others did ok, but two started showing sighns of herm. in the late flowering stage... It took for ever to get them to re-veg, so I waited untill about a week or two after they started sprouting branches and then I droped to 12/12..

    At first I veged under 24/0 with CFL's untill roots popped out of there rappid rooter plugs and then I put them into soil and went to 18/6 about a week or two after I put them into the soil.. Then after FOREVER they finally started to sprout branches, so I waited about a week or after they started branching and then swiched to 12/12.. They were pretty small when I put em on 12/12, but after that they started spouting branches like crazy.. Out of the 5 clones that grew, I got alittle over 3oz dry weight.. It would have been more but I ran into a few problems along the way.. The buds were just as frosty as there mothers were and the smoke, potency and smell was about the same as well..

    The only real problem I had with cloning after flowering was it took to damn long for not alot of bud, but my yield would have been bigger if I had let them grow more before I swiched to 12/12, but then it would of taken even longer.....

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