Cloning a flowering plant?

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  1. Short story.

    Started with 12 plants. Cut out the males and was left with 4 females.

    Out of the 4 females we took clones from the best looking plant at that time. This lady was the biggest out of the bunch and the fullest.

    2 of the other females looked nothing special and the last female was basically a stick. I wanted to just toss it but decided not to.

    Fast forward to today. Day 32 of flower.

    The big lady plus the other 2 have what i would call your standard buds. Good crystals, lots of hair.

    The runt though is completly different. The buds look completely different. The crystal build up on this thing look insane. To be honest i have never seen buds like this before.

    Anyways i think we choose the wrong plant for our pheno. How late can i take clones from a flowering plant? And how long from cut to root plant does it take?

  2. I've taken them as late as 7 weeks in, because I forgot to earlier. Take longer to root and then's a long process. If you have room in ur veg area...reveg the whole plant. it'll look weird as hell for a few weeks til it starts putting out normal leaves, but it'll save time cuz its already rooted.

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  3. This plant is already standing at almost 6 foot. I will need clones. Sounds like i will try this weekend. I already have clones going so i have plenty of time. I wont be needing clones from this plant for at least 6 months

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