Cloning a flowering plant

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  1. Is it possible to cut one of the lower buds on my flowering plant and clone it? Or should i regen her with my lower buds since there tiny anyway. thanks for any help
  2. You can clone it. You will have to reveg the clone once you cut it (put it under 24hr light obviously). Be warned though, you will lose density and end up with a shit ton of popcorn bud. Clones from flowering plants are branchy as hell fyi.
  3. I reveged tiny clone that was flowering and it turned out super branchy with small stems. Also taking a clone in flowering takes forever to root around 1 month
  4. just dont do it, just mother a plant and cut her up when you feel you want some clones

  5. Dont wanna sound like a cunt or owt but actually Clones taken from plants in Flower root a lot quicker but they do take around a month to revert back to veg :smoke:
  6. Depends on strain and in my personal experience over the years a clone taken in flower takes about a month just to grow roots because in flower the plant doesnt focus on growing roots anymore. While in veg it constantly growing roots and takes only about a week or two to grow roots and start growing again. Also the reveg does take a while and the plant hardly grows during it.
  7. i recently took some clones from a friend (with permission of course). His plants were about 2 or 3 weeks into flower, and some of the clones have little buds on the top of the plant. The clones made it through the rooting period and now they are under lights. should i remove the small buds from the top of the plant? they are under lights for 24 hours, and i wonder if the plant may be putting energy into the bud and not the roots?
  8. I currently have 3 Exodus Cheese clones that I took from a plant at harvest time. As mentioned above, they have taken a few weeks to root good, and another few weeks to start vegging. It's been around 5-6 weeks. They are just now acting like they are going to take off. At first, I had all three indoors under a T5. Now I have placed 2 of the 3 outdoors. I would like to grow all three outdoors due to the smell of this strain, but will wait and see which light they prefer.

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