cloning a clone!

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  1. lets just say. i am growing weed. but next year i don't want to use some new seeds. BUT im growing out doors(parents) can i clone a clone. in the winter months. so next year i can throw a good plant in the ground?
    do you know what i mean? i have plenty of saltwater tanks. with lights galore so that's not a problem. i am clearly lieing about all of this. weed is addictive stick with oxycotten it hasent killed anyone ;)
  2. Some say its a genetic copy so yes you can and some say it loses yeild amount and potency after time. You could grow indoors during winter and grow outdoor for summer. Make sure the lights are the right kind
  3. You can take a clone from a clone from a clone from a clone, ad hominem.
  4. i am not interested in growing bud. i want to keep my fav plant in the gene pool though.
    is it possible to keep it. once it starts smelling to clone it. and then on and on until the summer were i can sow it. and fall sleep next to it, telling my problems as it adsorbs my c02?
  5. yea, do some research on it and u can keep it going for your entire life. a clone of a clone .... etc... its a genetic copy.
    ive heard people keeping cuttings alive for like 4 months in the fridge in a ziplock then cloning them (forcing roots) when ready
  6. Just cut a clone, put it in a little bubbler, low nutrient solution, trim roots/shoots/etc however you want.
  7. good idea. graphuto. +1
  8. You can make it into a mother. Put it under a MH 24 hour light and just keep trimming her. You can also cut back the root ball to keep her small. You can buy big containers and use them as pots

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