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  1. well i have 2 mother plants from my first successful grow. they are trial and error plants and they are in 3 gallon pots. i believe their soil is causing problems. i believe the soil i used is crap. now that i have fox farm my clones are growing REALLY well!!!!!!!!

    but the mothers are showing yellow lower leaves, drooping leaves. purple stems. and arnt showing much growth, even after a ph correcting flush i am having further issues. the clones purple stems already healed and are green but the mothers are still bleh!!!!

    well with that story said

    i was going to kill off my 2 mother plants. my clones are about 7 inches tall and bushy as hell since they are flowering clones. i was going to snip a clone off of one of the small plants and clone that and creat a mother with it.. is this a good idea? freash start with good soil and get a healthy fast growing mother :hello:
  2. Should work fine.
    I've been cloning some tiny stuff for a shotglass attempt and you'd be amazed at what will take root off a tiny mother too.

    I think I read somehwere you need a chute with three leaves. Maybe saw that in rumples bucket thread.

  3. oh i have enough growth on the flowering clones. check out my grow journal. they actually doubled in size in 2 days. amazing branching capability.

    welp that being said. i am going to trim up a clone or 2 real quick...

    btw. do you think if i clone from the not so healthy possibly stressed out mother. that i could possibly get a hermi from that mother? something to ponder about....

    i wonder if its even worth cloning off the mother. or just clone from the clone. i need some feed back on this tough choice!
  4. It wouldn't hurt to try to clone the not so great looking mother. In fact chop her up and clone her if you've got the space. No use subjecting the plant to so much stress, it will further your chance of hermies the longer you wait.

  5. actually. the whole plant has woody stems. not ideal for cloning. there really hasnt been NEW growth on the mother so there was no good clone sites... i wound up taking 8 clones from the clones themselves. wound up taking tiny clones and 3 bigger clones. the plants dont even look like i cut anything. they have so many branches hah! and great green soft stems since they are all relatively new growth:hello:

    i am curious if the tiny cuttings will infact grow strong. but thats why i took 8 cuttings.

    the mothers look pretty bad. one of them has an extremely purple main stem. absolutely no new growth!

    pictures pending. battery needs to charge
  6. the plant is tryin to fight the cold temperature thats the reason for turning purple
  7. cold temps from growing inside in September??

  8. omg lmao i didnt know 83 degrees was cold.
    i avarage 80-83 degrees in my room and since its getting colder outside i am turning down my fan to maintain 80 degrees in the tent. so there has not been a temp flux. if anything they sufferd from high heat about 85-88 degrees while i was waiting for my 6 inch fan.

    did i mention the crappy soil?

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