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  1. Can or should you not clone a cloned plant and why?
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  2. You can and it won't hurt anything. I ran the same plants for 3 grows that I received as clones. No problems. The ONLY thing you'll run into is offset nodes. The leaf sets just don't line up perfectly so manifolding can be tricky but it's still doable.
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  3. I've grown clone from clone for over 2 year's now, currently I'm letting my last clone flower and die off. They lose vigor well this strain did any how. Previous poster is right about the branching and idk it may just be me but the yields went way down still quality stuff but nothing like it was, I may done something to cause the degrading in clones or it was just to many gens out from seed. Ime

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  4. My strain was white lsd from msnl
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  5. Thanks I cloned clones for probably 2 years and then the clones started to have leaves with only 2 and 1 lobes.
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    i believe in my experience if you take clones from upper healthy branches. should be able to clone good healthy plants for a long time. if you take clones from lower not as healthy branches your clones from that point will start to decline
  7. I've been cloning from clones for a couple decades without problem
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