cloning a autoflower

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by shafro, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Can you clone an auto flower white dwarf plant?
    My friend heard you can't so doesn't want to try unless heard otherwise. he will give me a clipping if it can be done.
  2. dont see why it wouldnt be possible
  3. It should root, but I think that genetically, it will finish at the same time as your friends plant, thus a smaller plant for you. Auto flowering plants have a set life span, and once the seed cracks, the lifespan begins. With a clone, the cutting will technically be at the age the plant is.
  4. yeah its not really gonna grow much as its at the same point in its life as the donor and wil not revert to veg. ive tried it and got a 4" plant wiht 1g of bud lol
  5. Yeah i was wondering the same thing, you should try it, i was thinking that it wouldnt matter if it was a cutting, because it would be to small to flower...i was thinkin it might grow back to about a ft untill it starts buddin again. I was goin to try this with a legendary strain not available anywhere but in maine. It was Matunuska Thunderfuck x Auto Mango, and it was an autoflowering purple plant. Sadly i lost this strain and many others a few weeks ago at a house fire. But i didnt get busted so thats all that matters.. take a look at the plant below...
  6. Just like Zero said its not going to work because they do not have a veg stage so it migh grow another inch or so but not much

  7. haha thats pretty kool, and it could be very damn stealthy or put on like a window cill or sumthing. was the bud any good?

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