Cloning 1 White widow and 1 Blueberry

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  1. I am growing a white widow mother and a blueberry mother from seed. They are both feminized seeds. Growing them under a 400 watt. I have 2 LED bars too so we'll see what use they play down the road.

    Why does this plant look soo funny? I've grown this exact same strain before from the same breeder pack I recieved and its growing awkwardly. Yea maybe it because its been like 95-105 for the last week. LOL. Well its finally down at 75-80 so I think growth should really be expediting itself straight into veg.

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  2. its growing funny because that light is too intense for seedlings. use your led bar until they get 3 or 4 leaf sets then put them under the hps. and why did you even mention cloning in this post? you're no where near able to clone those yet.
  3. I plan on cloning this baby 24 times in about 3 weeks. Between now and than, Imma needa top this 5 times which will give me 32 tops so I should be able to get my goal of 25 clones every 3 weeks... given I have a 100% success rate. Im using clonex and a humidome. ive grown widow before and as soon as veg starts, its gunna really start packing the leaves. Gotta make sure that it grows as fast as possible. Ill post again next Sunday.

  4. Are you serius? you must mean atlest a month - to 6 week, unless you want to take 1/4 inch clones (heh from the leaves;) ).. Ok you growing hydro!? I am amzed if you manage to pop of 24 clones in 3 weeks !!! :)
  5. no just a whole lotta co2 enrichement and fertilizers. Imma take the first few clones i get and make them additional mothers so that i can meet my deadline.
  6. ur using a "whole lotta" ferts and nutes on a week old plant?

    shouldnt u get them adjusted?
  7. i dont think its too intense for the seedlings. theres no such thing as too much light, until heat becomes a problem.

    probably the high temps for a young seedling as OP said is what did it.
  8. keep in mind topping will delay vegetative growth for approx. a week. so topping a plant sequentially 5 times would take well over 3 weeks.

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