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  1. Hi, im new to this forum, and I just had a few questions about clones. Im just about to get 4 cutlings from my friends very healthy mother. What would be the best medium for them n what kind of light should i put on them? (i have a 400 MH n a couple of CFL's)

  2. Have they already been rooted and what size pot are they in right now....
  3. they were just taken off the they havent rooted yet, they were just planted earlier today in 12 oz plastic friend who is an exp. grower did all the prep work for me so I just rele wanted to know what lights i should use rite now n im many times i should water them? also hw close should my lights be to the plant?
  4. I'd use the CFL's. the 400w mh is probably too much for them at this point.

  5. Ya use the cfl for a a few weeks until the roots have cum in or you could burn them with the 400.. I like using the rockwell cubes becase you can see the roots and you know when to transplant.... Hope it works for you
  6. thanks for the feedback, i figured the CFL's for now....but how far should they be away from the plants? and should i just mist the plant or actually put water directly into the soil?

  7. I keep the floros about 2 inches off the plants. I have only cloned using rockwell cubes so im not to sure how you would water it but I would lightly pour alittle water on the top of the soil when you seee it start to dry up. Dont let it get too dry tho.
  8. alrite, i also have the 12 oz plastic cup in 2 liter bottles, would this change anything? (sorry about all the questions i just want to get it right)
  9. For clones, you should water them from underneath AND spray the leaves twice daily. Your configuration sounds fine.
  10. If you clone in soil you can also see when the plant has made roots for that is the moment the plant will start making leaves again.

    They will not grow bigger leaves or new leaves without roots.
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  12. Yeah thats true but I like to see the roots and be able to check on them after a week or so. I have never cloned using soil so Im not sure which way is best...
  13. This is not a growing reunion....

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