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  1. Why do some reccomend to start flowering clones once they are rooted? What if the clone is super small with roots?

  2. can view in my journal, I sometimes flower straight from rooting clones. This allows me to harvest very short plants in a sog (sea of green), and IMO, is the best way to maximize yield if your bulb is positioned horizontally. I've found this technique to be very rewarding! Nothing like a 3 sqft of single cola plants. ;)
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    There are different methods for growing/flowering. Sometimes it depends on the amount of room you have. Since a plant will double or triple in size from the time you start to flower until it's finished, and you have a small grow room (PC case?), then you'll want to flower very quickly. If you veg for a long time, then you will have fewer harvest per year, but the yield (of each harvest) will be greater per harvest... - lots of reasons to do it lots of ways!

    Personally, I veg until the plants reach 18" (above the Waterfarm) which is the height of my scrog screen, then I put them into flow and they end up between 4 and 6 feet when I'm ready for harvest. I also FIM the plants so I have more colas

    Good luck!

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