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  1. just brought 6 home total newbie and stressing do i start it off on half nutrients right away or can i use water with correct ph for the moment ?
  2. clones in soil?

    PH'd water is fine for a bit, i'd start out 1/4 strength veg nutes and work your way up

  3. rockwool using a ebb n flow and i got this ph lower at home depot for ponds but safe on plants is this safe beckett water gardening 15% citric acid all it says ph at 6.9 right now doing half nutrients tds at 447 this ok ?
  4. i wanna soak the rockwool and put them in the bigger cubes the roots are showing on the bottom already :confused:
  5. I wish I had your problems. :)

    Now is the time to make the decisions on how you want to raise these babies. At this moment in time all your options are still open, but you need to make your decisions quickly.

    A bubble-bucked hydroponics DWC system is pretty easy to build, and excellent instructions can be found here in these forums. You could also try to put together and ebb & flow system. Or if you want to go with traditional tried & true, you could even pop those cubes into soil.

    Let us know what you decide.

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