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  1. I took clones after my plants were in flower for a week. Made the mistake of using aquafina from the gas station out of the cooler not thinking of the temp. I've read that the cold temp water can lock the plant up. I changed the water once a week later before i realized my fault. After realizing my fault i re-cut the clones and used room temp water. there are now 2 weeks in after using temp corrected water, 4 weeks total and no roots showing the are wilting however pretty bad. I am using a areoponics cloner w/clonex mixed @ 30% to give me 240 ppms and a ph of 5.6. Also the light is a 4x54watt t5 flourescent. also ive add hydrogen peroxide the last 2 times ive change the water. Is there anything im doing wrong or is it just time?I spray them every time i look in the room multiple times a day. any comments or help greatly appreciated. Thanks:smoke:
  2. Sounds like your trying to do too much. I have an aeroponic system and I can tell you they dont root very quickly. 4 weeks is way too long though their prolly dead. Just keep the water simple, distilled. Looks like you got way too much light on them too. I use a 20watt fluro tube, works fine. You shouldnt disturb them a lot after you put them in the cloner, recutting them was a bad idea I think. If your using a dome you only need to spray them a couple times a day for the first few days then once a day. Hope that helps.

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