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  1. Just picked up some clones from a dispensary a few days ago. They were grown indoors with all the fancy lights and stuff. I've had them outside because I don't have the space or money for indoor growing. How long should I keep them in the shade and when should I move them into filtered or straight sunlight. Also they have just started to get light green spots on the leaves (pictures down below) what is this problem and how can I fix it?[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. It's not a straight answer - there's so much that goes into it. As opposed to having someone just tell you - do this - you should know why. If you go by people's suggestions on forums without understanding the basics, you'll be getting all sorts of crazy advice mixed in with the good advice.

    Short answer - condition your plants to direct sunlight each day by putting them in it more and more. An hour one day - 2 or 3 the next... Grown indoors they probably aren't used to UV and they can get shocked and burned by it. After the conditioning, they want direct sunlight all day.

    The leaves - who knows. They are in some sort of soil, outdoors and no one knows what you've fed them, what type of water you're using, what kind of nutrients did they have before, or if you've done anything for pests - there's a million variables that even if you wanted advice, we'd need to know. A picture of a banged up leaf alone tells us little.

    If you want to successfully grow this plant into good smokeable bud, then there's some legwork to do on you end in learning how to care for it. Yes, it's a weed - but unless you're ok if it ends up yielding small sparse scraggly buds, you'll want to understand what it needs to make the buds what you want. You can't 100% go by advice on the internet. Most threads around here are 80% good advice and 20% totally in left field. Also, that site I posted - you can look up your own answers instead of having to wait for posts.

    There's a beginners section on that site - start there. Read through it and you'll be well on your way.
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  3. Thanks. I think the issue was I had my water to high of PH and that's what started the yellow streaks on the leaves.

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  4. Sounds like a very likely source of the issue. Do you have a pH meter and PPM meter yet? If not I very much recommend the Blue Labs meters - they aren't very expensive but they are very accurate and if cared for will last a very long time. Be sure to get the calibration solutions with it - AND the pH probe storage solution. This stuff will keep your meter conditioned and prolongs the meter's life.
  5. Just picked up all the stuff for the pH i think some of the problem was light burn, is there any good fix for this?

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  6. Once a leaf is damaged, it isn't repaired. So as long as the burn isn't ongoing, you're ok. New growth will be fine.
  7. Thanks. New leaves are coming in great no signs of light burn or any deficiencies

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