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  1. Well i have to say that i have no experience in this field whatsoever and need some i thought what better place to get exactly that, than here at the city...?....i have been offered some clones at a cost of £7 a clone...i don't know if this is expensive or not?...also i think they will be white widow as i tried some from a friend who bought grass off him before...hence i think he keeps a mother and also just uses clones instead of seeds.....if i were to purchase them, how do i go about keeping the little buggers alive??...from what i've read on the subject, i get the clones, dip them in rooting agent...(i bought the baby-bio version) and plant them in soil...moist..not too wet, and under fluros...however would it be o.k. to put them in the grow room with my other plants...(only 5 days old).....and just not have them under the 150mh...average temp of room...70-80 degrees farenheit?....i have also read about using rockwool...however i have no idea what it is and where to get it!!....hope i haven't bored you's all to death by now but time is of the essence as i need them in this grow.......Peace out...Sid
  2. hey sid hows it goin, well ive only had one encounter with cloning myself as ive just started indoor growing myself.

    i used rock wool cubes and rooting agent , i put them under a400w hps in my grow room and they took 12 days to root,
    my opinion of using cubes over placing them directly in soil is that the roots will be able to grow quicker, rather than trying to push there way through soil they can be established and strong .

    as far as where to get them i cant help you there but im sure someone in the city can help you out good luck!!
  3. tnx for the reply...i'm gonna try my local gardening store...see if they have them......Peace out....Sid

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