Clones...yellow leaves/purple stems!

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    So, I am a first time grower....and having a few problems so far. I've planted 10 clones in rockwool and some stems are turning dark purple and leaves are yellowing. I have them in a dome under a 125 W CFL bulb about 10inches away. There are still no signs of roots, but signs of new growth. I've been spraying them with PH balanced water about 4 to 6 times a day. I'm sure someone here can help! Pretty Please!?
  2. sounds like a combo of issues man,check your ph and sounds like a nute def.prob nitrogen.and did u treat your rockwool ?before u added your seeds?that might be your ph issue.try runnin a 15% nute solution to bring the nitro up .hope this helps man.
  3. Well, first I'm not a man! My PH has been at 5.9 the entire time. (to soak the rockwool, and spray my babies) I've done a little research and most people say not to add nutes to clones....So, I haven't used any. But, I'm thinking that might have been a mistake! I think I'm gonna try your suggestion. Thanks! Any other suggestions, should I put a photo up?
    Oh, and should I spray the nute solution on the clones?

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