clones with white powder

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  1. hey all, so i got some clones from this guy. i had a bad feeling from before i even picked them up and knew i shouldn't of got them but i did. well, he said the clones are only a couple weeks old.
    Okay so on the leafs i see a little bit of white powder stuff. i can brush it off with my thumb. but sometimes a few specs stay on the leaf even after i wipe it off. is it correct to assume this is powdery mildew?
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  2. Yeppers.



    Green Cure is the "Cure" Potassium Bicarbonate.
    Found at most hydroponic stores or online.
    1 tablespoon per gallon apply once a week.
    I grow outside and PM is just part of life here. It's on everything once you start to look for it.
    Household Baking soda will work in a pinch but the sodium is not as good for the plants.
    Sodium Bicarbonate.

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