Clones vs seeds?

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  1. i have local dispensaries that sell clones near me, and im what curious about is whats the difference? just that a clone saves you time ?
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    Yes and its guaranteed female, seeds must be germinated, then mature enough and then once you flower you have to weed out the males. Clones come from a mother (Usually of dank orgin) and are replicas of that mother.

    Though if your a breeder seeds can be better depending on where they came from, like if you crossed all these loud varieties and then resulted in some crazy next generation weed noone else has cause the parents are like WW X Strawberry cough and Sour D X Cali Kush.
  3. You cAn buy one clone and get new genetics . You can buy a pack of seeds and get all males. I wish I could get the kush clones here
  4. Alot of strains are only available by clone. Though with seed you can get a phenotype of a strain that you find desireable and keep it as a mother. If it's your first grow I would suggest you get clones.
  5. I like seeds more, I only clone if I find a pheno that I need to keep for a while but I like growing from seed most and changing strains often. You can also store seeds for future use :smoke:
  6. same.

    I buy femm'ed seeds, so just like clones, I know they are female.

    Also changing strains every harvest is what I like to do.
  7. genetic sisters are more likely to have similar growth patterns than seedling plants
    your canopy will be more even which is helpful indoors for light positioning
    and the "all female" part is key, especially to a new grower
    also recommend only one or two strains for a first grow, easier on you trust me
    only one strain is best if only have one light/reflector
  8. I do agree that having all different strains your first grow is tough.

    -------- To the OP

    If this is your first grow, i would reccomend 1, or 2 strains at the most. I'm stuggling to keep all my plants happy at the same time, because some are short n fat, some are skinny n tall, plus I have auto flowers ... its pretty chaotic.
  9. Although with femmed seeds you have a really high chance of having plants hermie on you, especially if you aren't the best grower yet.

    The thing I like about clones is they are a sure thing. You know exactly what you are getting every time. There's no worrying about getting a crappy pheno. I'm all for growing from clones, but I do like to keep a good seed stock on hand just in case something ever happens to my ladies, I can start over.
  10. I wouldn't say "really high chance of hermies" I've never had a hermie yet.

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