clones under hps??

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by chikkybabe, Nov 27, 2003.

  1. my clones are about 1 an a half weeks old taken from mothers 5weeks into flowering...

    it will take 4-5 weeks for them to revert back to veg i realise...when can i safely put them under the hps light...
  2. id say as soon as the revert back to veg. they still will look all twisted and funky those first 4-5 weeks. jus keep them under the floros. im takin it your clones are doing good??

  3. yes dred they are doing actually surprised that they lived having taken them so far into flower...

    ive taken 6 in total, 4 sativas and 2 indicas, but they all still look somewhat normal so far, but they are definitely growing...ill keep them under fluro for a while longer yet...
  4. I put mine under HPS once they had solid roots, and were transplanted into bigger buckets. So happens that they had grown a inch or two also. They have all done VERY VERY good.

    If you are worried i would just suggest keeping them a little big farther from the lights for a few days.

    Good luck :)
  5. how long have your clones been under the hps Devilred? im putting mine under it prolly in a week, run it 18/6 for a light adjustment and then go 12/12 about a week or so later
  6. long since you took the clones from the mother??

    d.Red..once they have established roots im gonna move them into the bubblers...not gonna muckaround this time with transplanting any more than i have to..end up with hermies just thinking maybe it would b best to get them used to the hps a little BFORE they go in the bubblers, so its not too much of a shock at once...only problem is ive got them in vermiculite/perlite/organic mix so i cant see their damn roots....bugger...
  7. i took my clones somewhere around sept 10-15, i just know it was the week before the hurricane hit us
  8. Well I took my clones pretty close to the same time you did. End of Aug or the start of Sept. I veg'd them for quite a bit, they were about 18" when i started flowering. I started flowering about the start of October. That said, i only veg'd for a good 5-6 weeks.

    I just clone in straight up soil, nothing fancy. I take cuts, dip in hormone, and mist the heck out of them. I never give up on them unless they are completely dead. Usually takes about 3 weeks to clone so I can see lots of roots in the clear cup, others have taken 4+ weeks, but like I said I don't give up on them. I get $50 a pop for them so i stick to them.

    As for the HPS, I put them under it as soon as they are put in their larger home bucket. Prob a good 3 weeks from removing from the mother.

    My batch that is ready to harvest I took when the mum was a good 3-4 weeks into flowering. But my current batch I took when the plants just started flowering, less than a week. These clones are growing FAST! Ive actually got too many right now, not enough room for them and too many to sell. Shame im going to have to kill 5 8" white widow clones :(

    Ive never ended up with any hermies. Just start out a good 12" or so away from the HPS and you will be fine. I actually use a mix of HPS and floros for the whole growing process.
    Only time they get straight floros is when taking root.
  9. Chicky-
    Just take your time and be patient with them and reap the harvest when it comes.
    Heres a little pic to help you along the way. Took this pic at 10pm on Thanks Giving of some Widow I got growing.

    Yummy, eh? Worth the patience and love i give her :)

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  10. thanks for the great info...ive got an idea of what im in store for a bit now...

    my mothers need at least another 2 weeks id sy so by th time the clones are just getting ready to go undr the light the others will b coming out...good timing..

    when u stated that you used hps and fluros for the whole growing process what didi you mean...are they under hps for half the day and then under the fluros for the other 12 hours???

    i currently have the clones in a shaded area of the house during the day and mist them twice ..then at night i put them under a compact fluro that is in the ceiling above my fridge (they are all in 1 pot for now)at night...seems to work i said theyre growing well...

    i know ill probably cop alot of flak for having them in 1 pot...but theyre so tiny...
  11. Let me explain my process a little better. Its really rather cheap, and simple.

    1) Take my new started (unrooted) clones and I put them in a little chamber in my room that has 2- 16" 22w (44w total) floro grow tubes and I root them. K-mart $8 each all you do is plug them in. Takes from 1-3 weeks. I mist them a couple times daily, since i root in soil.

    2) Next I transplant my rooted clones into 3 gallon buckets (kmart $1 each). I use miracle grow soil mixed 50/50 with potting soil.

    3) Now in the bigger bucket my plants are ready for the main grow room. This room has 1-75w HPS, 1-150w HPS, and just about 200w of floro's (mixture of warm whites and grow bulbs ( 4-4 foot tubes total). The HPS hang above while the floros are on the side wall standing so light reaches base to top.

    4) I start the plants close to the walls near the floro's but a good 18 inches or more away from the HPS for a few days (3-4). Then I raise my plants up close to the HPS within about 6". I continue to lower the plants as they grow, and I spin them so equal sides are exposed to the floros on the two side walls. Easier to me to lower and raise my plants than my light. I just use boxes.

    I put a fan on a little here and there, though ive found I need to use it more, and I water every Tuesday.

    Ive invested a total
    150w HPS $50 (on line)
    75w HPS $50 (home depot)
    200+w of my floros about $40 (k-mart and Lowes)
    Cords, timers stuff I had

    So about $150 total for my entire set up. Hell one branch off one plant would pay for the set up and the rest would be all profit.

    I honestly just love the growing process. Its just a cool plant.
  12. just put the clones in dixie cups, they need to have there own home before they start killing each other :)
  13. yea, i start mine in clear 12-16 ounce party cups. I like it clear so I can visually see how nice and thick the roots are before i transplant. The clear cups crack or split in half right off them easy too.
  14. nice pics devilred...

    i think i will move them to dixie cups rather than risk them killing each other...

    i think i may b losing one...but it wasnt the healthiest when i took it, but it was the only clonable growth i could find...the new tip growth seems to have wilted and died, but the rest is still green...time will tell...
    i might actually place a few compact fluros on the floor under the plants next grow for a bit more even light distribution...
  15. yea, anytime you add lights, the more the better. Lights down low really do seem to help too, those little buds on the lower limbs get much nicer.

    Don't forget the fan, my plants ended up a little weak, the fan will prevent that.

    My plants smell sooooo fucking good right now. If i rub my finger on the white powder and smell...........very very sweet i love it.

    Chicky soon you will be there too. Im on my second batch of clones for this winter indoor grow already myself.
  16. the one mistake i will not make again is vegging 4 too long....everyone told me to flower at 12 inches and i thought no i let them go to like 3 foot...they are so tall and lanky now that some of them cant support themselves and have to be bent over at the tips just to fit under the light...some of them are 7 foot from the top of the bubbler...

    next time 12 inches and thats that...

    over the course of this forst grow my poor plants have endured every stress known...theyve been burnt, suffocated, had extreme trimming done, broken limbs, main colas snapped...probably even more than that...its no wonder a couple spat

    ive learnt so much this very appreciative to you all...and soon ill reap the benefits like you said...
  17. Yea talk about learning, I planted about 70 outdoor plants this year, harvested one nice one and 4 little skimpy ones.

  18. dayum! maybe u should have taken 70 clones from the mother to make up for
  19. well those were from seeds. This year I will have 3 HUGE mums growing from now until may to get my clones off of.

    So you figure a 6-8" plant now, by April-May........gonna be HUGE. Opportunity for lots of clones :)
  20. lucky youre growin outdoors or youd be wishin you lived in a lighthouse...hehehe

    man they sure will be big...

    just outta curiosity why did you lose so many then???

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