clones ????????? transplanted a bunch .......all dead PICS

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by windsormw, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. i am really gettin bent , I need to know y the leaves on all the plants are turning yellow here are some pics

    please help


  2. windsormw,

    Leaves turning yellow on a rooting clone is usually normal and means that your clones are starting to develop roots (a good thing). However, from your pictures, it looks like something else is going on. What is the rooting medium you are using there and have you given the clones any fertilizer?
  3. thanks for ur reply Vtec

    no , ferts . just water & sunshine . Used some miricale grow potting soil however & i am reading that it ain't such a good thing ...........any truth to that ?
  4. miracle grow soil maybe a bit too much.

    full sunshine may also be a bit too much.

    when i transplant clones, i use straight promix and RO water for 2 weeks.
  5. sorry fellas

    I SHOuld have given u the backround on these clones ..........I have had them in my basement under floresents for the past 3 weeks .

    Corn fields are my prime target ........but before i can sneak through the corn feild & transplant my little girls a few thing s must be taken in cosideration . The farmer will usally make 3 different trips through his feild in the spring

    1. plant corn

    2. spray weed & feed on his corn ( which will kill ur plants )

    3. after corn is about 6" high , he will come back & add Nitrogen & side dress the rows .

    I don't think the corn fert will hurt em , but its best to wait until he has the side dressing done . After that u woun't see him agian till the fall .

    i just went into town , & got some " organic base " soil , looks like plain black top soil to me . I washed the roots free of the the miricale grow soil & added the new plain jane soil .

    I got into the booze last night so I will go check on my 2 patches tonight , but i am in fear of seeing more dead plants ..........I still have 20 or so @ home ( the 1's i was talkin about before ) & i need to keep these babys alive

    Its not about makin all this cash anymore , its more less about not having to pay for dope the rest of the year

    thanks for all the input fellas

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