clones too small to start flowering?

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  1. hey everybody I thought I post a couple pictures of my current grow, just to see what you guys think. I know my grow room is a bit cluttered, but I intend on cleaning it as soon as i get time. Those two little plants in the foreground are the only two clones that I've ever taken that have lived, and I just put them under my 1000w hps today. The rest of the plants have been vegging for 2 months now and Im pretty sure that they are all female, so after I clean out the room today I was gonna throw a screen over them and start flowering. my question that I have, is do you think it's a bad idea to keep the fresh clones in the same room as them and make them start flowering with the others? I am positive that the clones are female, but they just seem so small to start flowering, the problem is that I dont really have room for them anywhere else. building a separate vegging box is an idea, but an idea that I don't really have the money for right now, so it's last resort, it'd be so much easier if I could just keep them in the flowering room..... what do you all think?

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    To make it easier to see I reposted the pictures.....

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