Clones too close to light?

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  1. This is my first grow from clones. Had they outside in the sun until i finished my grow room for about 3 hours. Everything looked fine with them. I put them right under the light after I finished my setup on top a bucket like 12 inches away and about an hour I noticed a wilt. I moved them lower and the light higher. and now even worst. So did the light source kill them?. Im using an 400w digital ballast turned down to 50%

    attached please find the images.

    Just wondering if I should go get some new clones and start over.

    Thank you.

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  2. Do they have roots yet?
  3. yes they do

  4. this is a 12 hours later picture.

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  5. ...back the light up....moisten the soil...they're in shock.

    ....did you do any root damage?
  6. How long have they been in the cups for? Sometimes they do that when shocked(usually for me it's transplanting). They don't need much light by the way. But your 400w at 50%, 20 inches or so higher definitely shouldn't kill them. How's the air flow in the tent, humidity high? Temps?
  7. Very strange sorry about you're luck. IMO I wouldn't think it was you're light. I read somewhere that some cheaper tents can give off fumes that r toxic to plants not saying youres is but it might be possible. Hopefully u will get some more replies from fellow blades to save em if they can be.

  8. I do think so. They were transplanted for me by the grower. They were fine for 3-4 hours until put into the tent under the light.

  9. I have carbon filter with in line duct fan. I need to get a thermostat today. But I think about 60-65.
  10. ...not enough roots to give the foilage the moister it needs....back the light up, maybe even let them sleep a few hours....make sure your soil is moist...take it slow with'em....cannabis is a tough plant, they should make it....just a little shocked w/ root damage I'd guess...
  11. did you transplant right? once i ripped a plant out of some farmers field and it did the same thing :-/
  12. thanks all for the advice. going to give it some time and ride it out. will update with results. thx
  13. hey guys. so after letting the girls sleep for 6 hours. 3/4 are back up. i guess i will wait a couple of days to see if the last one comes back up. thanks for all your advice.

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