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  1. Im thinking about getting about 10 new clones to put straight into flower..the clones are rooted and have about 4 sets of leaves...can i expect a decent yield still? The only reason im doing this is because I got my light a little earlier and have 3 plants under a 1000 watter right now lol so wanna use up some more light... Can I expect at least 3/4 an oz off each clone? The situation will be pretty ideal,good nutes good soil good temps good circulation...just never took clones straight to flower and wondering if anyone else has and how was it?
  2. god damn thats alot of light, hopefully them bitches can handle such a massive amount of light right off the bat. you might wanna ease them into your light, you know, a couple hrs here a few hours there you know take it easy on em. work them up to it so they dont burn.
    but yes, to maximize your yeild you can flower them clones right after rooting and by doing this you can fit more in a smaller area thus increasing your maximum output potential, make sense?........
  3. yeah I knew that,alot of people do it with SOG grows...The clones will be ready to go under the large light,plus the light is already gonna be up pretty high. The only reason I am thinking about putting straight into flower is to get some extra bud...but if I wont get more than at least a 1/2 oz off each plant than I might just harvest early and than veg the 10 clones...anyone else think I can get a decent yield? If I have to I'll get like 5-10 more clones...price is right...12 for 100$ of love potion #1...
  4. Yield is variable by strain and also varies with grower skill. How tall are they? If I flip clones at 12" tall I typically get 2-4 oz and they wind up around 18-20" tall when all is said and done.
  5. Probably about 8 inches...they are very rooted,like coming out of the rockwool cube so they are thinking if i put them in a 3 gal bucket straight to flower under 1000 watt I should be able to get at least a oz off each one
  6. Sounds attainable.
  7. well this should be an interesting experiment than...has anyone else took clones and put straight to flower? And how were your results?
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  9. I understand the other opinions, BUT, I have always been of the school of thought that I veg as long as I can before flowering to increase eventual yield. If there's no urgent schedule you need to run on, let the girls veg a while. Why only shoot for a couple of ounces when you could shoot for 8-10 oz. or more? Just my two cents.......

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