Clones taking forever to root

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  1. I have ben growing for years but i just started trying to clone some of the females i came into because of there genetics are perfect for my grow op (high yield, indica, short flowering period) but my clones are taking 3+ weeks to ven root...

    this is what im doing.

    i have a 10 gallon fish tank all the clones are dipped into a solution of schultz rooting hormone, then pressed into the little foam cubes (i forgot what they are called )then places into the fishtank (empty of course) with a piece of glass over the fishtank with a little space for air, and a 150watt cfl on top running 20 on/4 off. the fishtank is always moist and humid, i have heard of people doing this with great success, but i dont no whats goin on.

    Thank You
  2. what strain do you have. This seem to be happening to my plants. But ounce they gwt to going they dont stop!!! Good luck hope everything works out!!
  3. i went through about 200 seeds from bagseed and slowly weeded out the fem's with traits that i didnt like till i found a few good mothers with great traits, the clones im having problems with are prob 100% indica as the fem's in flowering are all like little bushes, short stocky fat dark green leaves. but i can not place a strain on them. Im sorry. i did have a friend that used my method to clone Dutch Passion's Blueberry with great results.
  4. Try using less light.....I usually can get roots with my system in 7-10 days. I only use 13w cfl's (40watts equivalent). I posted this a while back, maybe it can help you:


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