Clones take forever to root then die.

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  1. Hello all,

    I've been making clones off mothers recently and have been using rockwool. Cut at the proper angle, the proper nodes, dip in clonex gel and so forth. The rockwool slabs sit in ph'd 5.5 water eith just a splash of superthrive for about a half hour. After i drain the slabs back and forth leaned at about a 45 degree angle for about 30 ninutes. Once my slabs feel evenly weighted i poke a small pre hole with a sterile insturment so the clones can dig in nicely. Cut clones, dip on clonex, dip in mykos, put on a heat mat, put a dome on them and put them under a very low wattage led (same led's as mothers are under just less intensity). I then let the domes create a bunch of humidity over the next 7 days. After the 7 days i check for roots, nothing, and place the dome back over. Every day the dome is noce and wet and i still see no roots. 26 days has passed, no roots but all foliage looks lush and healthy. Decide to take dome clompletely off and within a few hours 2/3rds of my babies are wilted. The other third is still standing tall. I cloned a few times before and everytime it seems to take a long time to root. I just bought some rapid rooters pre soaked to see if i can get roots faster. Any sort of input here would help greatly on why my roots take so long and the major die off. Thanks
  2. You need to add more details if you want people to know what's wrong and how to help peace

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  3. How are you preparing the cubes? How often you you spray? Also did you cut the leaves? Take a picture like to see if possible.

    That led is prob way to close.mthey don't like a tom of light at first I don't think. I know for seedlings, I start the led up a bit higher and lower. Also is the lighting 24/0?
  4. My .02. - do everything as you are except on day 3 open the dome enough so that the humidity is around 70% - ...stop misting your plants at this time as well. You're giving the cuttings a very nice way to 'drink' from the the plant says, fuck it, why grow roots now....the misting and high humidity is keeping me hydrated.
  5. What temp range do your clones receive over those couple weeks?
  6. Thanks guys for all the help! I think it was just getting too warms on my cloning rack, and i was dipping in clonex gel, then mykos. I honestly think the mykos was just too much and was eating the stem away before it had a chance to root. I am in san jose ca....i think it was getting too hot for the clones and frying the rapid rooters. I think i will try going back to 50 site, 1.5 inch rockwool cubes, soak them in 5.5 ph water with a hint of superthrive. My buddy says to soak the slab for a couple hours then let it sit flat overnight. If anyone has any tips for me before i cut from my moms in the next 5 days it will be extremely helpful!!
  7. Ok, so its been a couple months ive been focusing a bit more on my flower, now im getting back into the cloning game. A couple different things I'm doing are just giving the babies ambient light from the veg, and keeping my heat mats off. Took some clones last friday (approx 150 of them) and sure enough within the next 72 hours more than half got rot on the stwm, turned slimey and came out. I didnt turn on the heat mats but did close the dome vents all rhe way, and tbe ambient temp in that area of the room was about 85 degrees. I was told that 85 is fine for clones, well not for me. Im convinced im just cooking them in the first few days, ive been researching and find that cracking the vents right off the rip, as well as a 72-78 degree temp is crucial. Think when i take more cuts on the 8th um gonna try a test and bring the domes in from the garage, stays about 75 in here. Has anyone else had this problem with heat/moisture? A lot of people say heat and 100% humidity works great for them, i just cant think of anything else

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