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  1. Ok so ive searched high and low and cant really find any info on the subject. I can find it on veging for a week then 12/12 but thats it so ive decided to play the genuine pig.

    So heres my setup flowering room
    1. Sweet amnesia
    2. 707 headband
    3. Big bomb
    4. Cheese bomb
    5. Shark shock cbd

    I have 3 4x4 tables using flood and drain and house and garden nutes with a kool blooom bud enhancer

    A 1000 watts of light on each table

    So I usually grow out 2 ft bushes and average about 1 ounce per plant. Now I can only put 16 plants on a 4x4 table. So ive been thinking of doing s.o.g. makes more since to me. I can fit 100 3.3/4 net bots on a 4x4 table and hoping to get a 1/4 ounce per plant. If my math is right if im getting a once per plant at 16 plants then at a 1/4 ounce per plant times 100 thats about 1.56 lbs plus less time off a grow. Now my question is veg time. No veg, a week veg, two week veg, after roots pop on clones. There is nothing on going straight to flowering no veg. Well im here to do it. So follow me and lets see where this goes

    The pix below are the clones after the started to show roots in the rapid rooters. Im on week two right now and will post after I write this. So enjoy

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  2. Ok so are my concerns will no veg get me a 1/4 per plant would I get more or less I understand strain specific ive grown for awhile now. Just havent s.o.g..
    So after one week half way through the 2 week now they are really looking good im suprised at the strech and the root development is great but im sure thats due to the roots excelurator from house and garden
    So u can def see the grouth after a week and a half I will post more pix tomorrow the are even looking better that I though so keep enjoying

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  3. The other thing to consider is how much more work its going to be to trim 100 plants vs 16 plants. It's going to be like trimming popcorn buds all day. Hopefully the yields are worth it. Good luck.
  4. Well usually I grow about 100 bushes the 16 is what I have left. Eventually ill have three tables of 100 and I grew some autos a few weeks ago and they grew to about 10 inches and they were one cola straight up trimming took like two min per plant and got 7 grams dry per plant so that what ive been basing my math off of
  5. So lets makes this some what interesting. Lets make some guesses as to what the yeild per plant
  6. Ok so the end of week 2 will be tomorrow and things are starting to change. Everything looking great. Got a stretch going of about average 7 inches hoping to get anothe 3 inches by day 21. Also adding some pix for shits and giggles of the crop going behind the clones. Bought a 45x scope and put it on my phone like what I see lol. Someone let me know how long they got before cutting any guesses?

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  7. Let me know how long u think before a cut

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  8. Pix look really good w that scope. Where d u find it?
    I see milky but not much Amber. How far are they?
  9. Just a cheap scope from the hydro store and just strated week 7
  10. How many days is the strain recommended for?
  11. 6 to 8 weeks
  12. Ok so to do a uppdate
    Day 17 everything is looking good didnt think they would get as full as they are lol
    May have to go down to 50 a table and need to mark the mothers I have. I have three cheese bomb mothers and they are definitely showing different pheno characteristics. Some taller than others but over all happy.
    Bud sights staring to open up everywhere hoping they will produce weight hhhmm.....hope u enjoy the pix

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  13. And heres some more pix of the other grow I have going

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  14. Think you'd prob do better with less girlz. Somewhere in the 50-75 neighborhood???
  15. There 65 on the table
  16. Thought you said u had 100. If there's 65 now, maybe 40-50 ?
  17. My goal is a 100 I got a 100 clones waiting for thr next cyle
  18. On a 4x4 ? I'm kinda in the process of dialing in my # per sq ft . I also typically do a five day veg. The more data i see, the better. Most people seem too scared or nervous bout short veg. Personally, i prefer the quick turnaround.
  19. Yeah ill never get a 100 on a 4x4 may get a 4x6 upgrade
  20. Are u running multiple strains on each individual table?

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