Clones rooted and now yellowing, and not growing

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  1. Any help would be very appreciated. I'm a newbie and this is my first attempt.

    I have 4 clones, got them to root fine, and they haven't done well since.

    My setup:
    Coco soilless
    House and Garden Cocos A/B 5.5ml dose with Algen Extract (per H&G instructions)
    Using tap water
    400w mh at 18 hours
    Temp is high at 80-85 (can't get it lower due to summer heat)
    Watering by hand when coco is dry an inch or so below the surface.
    Using Nutrients every watering
    Just flushed with plain water in case I over fertilized.
    PH going in 5.8, PH of drainage 6.3

    Plants are about a foot tall currently.
    They haven't grow very much at all, it's been 3-4 weeks.
    Purple on the stems.
    Original leaves of clone turned yellow.
    They were directly under 4 high output t5 fluorescents until I got the 400w mh 4 days ago.
    They've been getting worse daily, even after moving from the t5's to the 400mh.

    Thanks again for any advice!

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  2. Nute poisoning, flush them with 3x times the volume of the pot, then feed at 1/2 strength for 2 weeks.


    ps go take a look at my library
  3. Thanks! I just read the Grow Bible that I found in your library. I flushed them 2 days ago. I'll start back with half strength nutes. After 2 weeks, should I go back to full strength, or stay at full strength? The Grow Bible says for beginners to use 30-50% strength for the whole grow.

    Thank you very much!

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