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  1. 4 so a very amateur & cheap fashion of course. pics tomorrow...

    if these work i'll get the female next.
  2. yeepee!
  3. now they are wilting :confused:

    not catastrophically, but any wilt is bad i'd imagine. it's been misted & it's plenty humid...i moved it from a window to a small cabinet with a small tube...what say you gc? am i gonna butcher this???
  4. [​IMG]

    not the greatest photo but you get the idea.
  5. are clones supposed to wilt a little immediately after cutting?
  6. bbbbbump.....anyone?
  7. No they're not supposed to wilt. Do you have a clear dome to put over that tray? If you do are you misting the tray? clones like 100% humidity.
  8. They look all dried out, put a dome over them and mist the dome. Mist the clones too since they're so dry.

    My clones don't wilt, and I don't even use anti wilt.
  9. after cutting clones i leave them in the dark for 9-12hrs right after this helps against them wilting and falling over(and it does make a difference)

    other than that i use a dome a you should mist them as often as possible, depending..

    i mist 3-5times a day or every 4hrs or so......

    hope this helps.
  10. Without the dome and humidity your cuttings never had a chance brother. Humidity domes are convenient if you're working in a space that couldn't possibly maintain a humidty level of 95 - 100%. If you had a fogger there'd be no need for the domes. I'm 100% in my cloning efforts because I don't just employ one tip, I would suggest you scour the Internet for tips and tricks, taking what you need while discarding the rest. The most important thing is do what works, if you find a method that works best for stick with it and don't look back.

    I don't do anything special with my mothers before cloning, I don't use "No Wilt" or any such nonsense, I just start with healthy mothers and that goes a long way to insure healthy cuttings. A litlle health goes a long way in the cloning end of things yo.

    Sometimes they wilt slightly (not crumple) while in the humidity dome itself but straighten themselves out after a few days. After the third day of being under the plastic you can try slowly decreasing the humidity by small degrees each day until they're hardened off.

    With a little practice and the right tools you should do just fine.

    The Urban Grower
  11. two of six have perked up since yesterday. the other 4 don't look any worse....hopefully a good thing? lets hope it works out...

    they may or may not have had a chance. it's absolutely gross & muggy....has been since i took the cuttings. today i added an upside down ziploc for lack of a better humidity dome. we'll see what happens. it's all pretty experimental for me. my first time with cuttings...

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