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clones outdoors?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by stoned budda, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. Do clones do well outside? May be a stupid question but this is my first outdoor grow and i want to use clones so as to eliminate the chance of a male.

    Any thoughts are appreciated.
  2. yes you can plant clones outdoors. Im a summing your establishing them inside?
    If letting them establish roots indoors run a stronger fan on them while vegging to help strengthen stems to outside conditions. Also dont stick em from floro's to full on sunlight.
  3. No i was going to start them indoors under 600 watts of CFL's as usual, then what i do is start exposing them to the hps lights a couple of hours at a time, increasing the length every other day. This usually helps the transition and avoids light shock.

    This time i was going to start exposing them to sun light on my deck, a couple of hours a day, diffused at first until i feel they can tolerate full sun light.

    The place i am planting is high up on a steep river bank that gets hit with the first rays at day break till about 4pm with full sun light, so i want to be sure they can with stand it.
  4. Sounds like you will be fine. Goodluck with the grow hope to see some awesome buds later on this year
  5. What strain? Some strains do well outdoors, others do not, so it's necessary to ask.
  6. At the moment i have purple diesel, electric fruit punch, an unknown strain i got as a bonus from gypsy that is very nice. I know the unknown strain clones very nice, nearly 100% success rate. I haven't cloned the other two yet, so i got to see how that goes first.

    I was going to buy a few new strains but since this is my first outdoor grow i wanted to hold off and see how these go.
  7. Those girls should be fine in the sunshine, and there's some very good advice all over this forum, it's getting more like overgrow everyday.

    Get yourself some skunk pelts for when the diesel gets ripe, to explain the odor.

    And happy 4/20, in advance.
  8. Thanks
  9. I have had good success raising clones outside. I start them in open shade to let them get used to the intense sunlight. after a week I set them to soak up all the rays they can get.
  10. Confused as to whether i should plant them early in spring or wait till june first.
  11. IMO that depends on the climate. Realize that the summer solstice (longest day) is June 21. If I were growing a single crop I'd start it as soon as the temps are sure to stay above freezing. That will allow the plants the maximum time to develop before flowering in July/August.
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    We have talked about this a bit before. In nature, when do the seeds pop? They will do it at a time that will enable the plant to produce most seed - bud for us!! I think just about all annual plants, nettles, dandelions, blue bells, tomatoes, start to appear in the spring - March or April. They veg then flower and fruit. A lesson there, I think.
    And I always gently acclimatise clones to outdoors. I find that seedlings can take full sun from day one, clones are more fragile.
  13. Thanks to all for the good advice!

    canthris, you make sense as too when to plant, i was just confused because clones are not seedlings and don't have the same characteristics. But from what I've read it seems they do just fine as long as you slowly acclimate them to sun and the outdoor environment.

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